Yoga and Religion

Here at we believe that yoga is not a religion but a way of life. However if you want it to be a religion for you, go for it.

On Planet Earth, there are people who practice Yoga
from all religions, faiths and backgrounds.

Religion is your own business and if the religion that you believe in, doesn’t include that you be the best you can be and to live a life of goodness and positively then yoga might not be for you.

The practice of Yoga aids all those who seek to improve in the areas of self-improvement both physically and mentally, regardless of their religious persuasion. It has the potential to balance the nervous system and still the mind through its various exercises -from postures (asanas) to breath control and meditation.

The added bonuses that come with the areas of self improvement is the continuing focus on the emotional state. It is imperative to develop and live in a positive state. The laws of positively say that you live a life dedicated to enjoyment, enthusiasm, happiness, gratitude, be optimistic, non-harming, have truthfulness, compassion, joy, practice charity, tolerance, and freedom etc.

Stay clear from the negative emotions of greed, anger,
and jealousy, and so on and so on.

Yoga itself is simply a tool for exploring the depth of our human nature, of plumbing the mysteries of the body and the mind.

Yoga seeks to put you in touch with your inner self. Some people call it their spiritual side, some say it’s their inner core, their sole or what ever else. Your inner most nature is who or what you truly are. This nature is described differently by everyone and is a personal opinion regardless of religion.

Rather than being expected to believe in any of the explanations that are out there, you are free to allow your own personal experience and realization to shape your understanding.