Relieving Stress

There are many ways to eliminate stress, here are some of them.

The physical act of breathing and practicing yoga. – The diaphragm, according to the science of yoga, is the seat of the intelligence of the heart and the window to the soul. During stressful situations, however, when you inhale and exhale, the diaphragm becomes too taut to alter its shape.

Yoga exercises develop elasticity in the diaphragm that will address this problem so that, when stretched, it can handle any amount of stress, whether intellectual, emotional, or physical.

The practice of Yoga and it’s breathing techniques help to integrate
the body, breath, mind, and intellect.

Slow effortless exhalation during the practice of yoga, triggers a sense of calm and well-being to the body cells, it relaxes the facial muscles, and releases all tension from the organs of the senses: the eyes, ears, nose, tongue, and skin. When this happens, the brain, which is in constant communication with these organs learns to relax and become still and rested.

By having this state of control, invading fears and anxieties cannot penetrate the brain. When you develop this ability, you perform your daily activities with efficiency and economy. You do not use up all your valuable energy. You enter a mood of true clarity of intellect. Your mind is free of stress and is filled with calm and tranquillity.

Mentally learning to draw strength.- Through the act of self control you are able to really look at the full picture. You always have the choice on how you perceive it all to be. Look to act from strength and deal with whatever it is to be dealt with.

Get some perspective on the whole thing. Remember demands are a sign of life and what you take for granted someone in Afghanistan or Africa would swap places with you in a flash. So stop taking everything for granted and start to appreciate all that life has to offer. Start to live a life instead of living an existence.

You want a better quality of life and less stress well start to make better decisions and stop complaining. Negative emotions produce all sorts of ugly chemicals in your body that eventually cause illness and death. The road of no control leads to a town called death and despair!

Get reasons to actually live, become internal and learn that happiness is a feeling that radiates from the inside. If you think that a new car is going to make you happy think again.

Also remember that solutions aren’t in a bottle so stop looking there. The solutions are always on the inside.

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