Origins of Stress

As we have said, we believe that stress is the demands that you find in your everyday life. It is up to you how you decide to deal with them. So what are some of these demands……

•Work – volume is too much or too little, job insecurity, relationship issues with colleagues, change of job, promotion or demotion or being overlooked/sidestepped, shift work causing erratic and/or unsocial hours, harassment, bullying to name a few

Relationship challenges or conflicts with, partners, friends, family, colleagues, or neighbours

Illness and /or disability

Being a prime care giver for a relative

Being a stepparent, stepson/daughter, or a single parent

Holidays, even Christmas!

Housework, shopping and running the home

Moving house

Children and planning for their future

Divorce or separation

Financial worries, mounting debts, supporting two families

Violations of the law e.g. speeding ticket

New technology




Managing the home/ work balance

Rush hour travel/commuting

Sporting and strenuous exercise

Educational challenges