Living Longer

According to yoga philosophy, it’s the flexibility of the spine, not the number of years since you were born, that determines a person’s age. The Western world is only concerned with the chronological age (time date of birth) of a person because it is easier to keep a track of and understand.

We believe that this way of measuring age is totally useless and is only for the records and here at we strive only for excellence. We’re more focused on the questions – What about your biological age? Or your age of maturity?

We’ve all seen people, that either look way younger or way older than the chronological age that they are. The 28 year old that has hammered his/her body with alcohol and cigarettes, eats bad food all day and hardly ever sleeps, they really look like they’re 60 going on 70!

On the other hand there’s that person who practices yoga on a routinely basis who’s been around for 50 odd years and has the body of a 20 something. So what’s the difference?

Well it can all be summed up with the saying
"use it or lose it."

So what makes yoga so great for living longer in a nutshell?

Yoga slows down the aging process by giving elasticity to the spine, firming up the skin, increasing circulation, removing tension from the mind and body, strengthening the abdominal muscles, eliminating unneeded weight, improving the muscle tone, correcting poor posture, calming the mind and so on. It puts your body into a warm positive state of development that adds to your years.

Become a bottle of vintage wine that only gets better with time, grows in body, taste and gets only more valuable with time. Don’t choose to be that cheap bottle that is here today gone tomorrow!

Let time be your friend not your enemy. Use time to get better not worse!

Yoga gives you the option to not buy into the characteristics of old age and go only for the characteristics of vitality and eternal well-being. Become immortal and think that way because if you think you’re going to get old and your best years are long gone

Yoga is the ultimate to make you feel younger with heightened mental alertness. Longer life can be possible by following yogic ways of health maintenance and prevention. As we all know prevention is the best medicine.

When both external dangers and internal diseases and habits leading to degeneration have been removed, one naturally lives longer.

When you develop good sound life practices and eliminate the habits that lead to degeneration, one can naturally live a lot longer that is the accepted norm.