Yoga can be Practiced at any Age

With advancing age, physically challenging exercises can not be performed easily because of stiffening joints and muscles that have lost strength. Performing these movements leads to sprained muscles, painful joints, strained body systems, and the degeneration of organs.

Paul Barton – 55yrs – Iyengar Yoga Instrutor

Yoga can be practiced by anyone regardless of age, sex or physical condition. In fact, yoga is particularly beneficial for people 30 years old and after, when the regeneration power of the body is declining and resistance to illness is weakened. Here at, we know that everybody needs yoga in his or her lives.

Yoga generates energy, not uses it. With yoga you can look forward to a healthier future, rather than focusing on the past. Unlike other exercises, yoga results in the concentration of immunity cells in areas affected by disease, and thus improve immunity. That is why in the challenging world that we live in today, doctors are now beginning to prescribe yoga to aid or cure ailments.

It is a restorative and preventative science.