Organic Spirulina

Doctors and Scientists recommend we eat five servings of fruits and vegetables a day. This can be challenging in modern society and doesn’t always happen. That why a food Supplement like Organic Spirulina can really help keep you topped up with the vitamins and minerals that you need. Organic Spirulina supplies more concentrated vegetable nutrition than any other whole food. Being a whole food it make if easier for the body to absorb and use efficiently.

Organic Spirulina delivers:
Antioxidant Vegetable Nutrition – Nature richest source of carotenoids
B-Complex Vitamins – Supplies Thiamin, Riboflavin and vitamin B-12
Iron – A daily dose provides more iron than two cups of spinach
Organic Protein – Richest source in the plant world – three times that of beef
GLA – Building block for nature anti-inflammatory
With all this in mind Spirulina is essential for anyone wanting additional nourishment including people on weight loss programs , athletes, the elderly , any one whom want to improve their health . Just six tablets a day 3 grams daily will help supply alot of the vitimans & nutrients absent form alot of western diets.

A Quality Spirulina is a must.
A Certified Organic Spirulina is definitly the best way to go. This allows you to have confidence that the spirulina has been independently accessed to identify that it has been produced to a certified quality standard. This means it is safe, wholesome & free of pollutants. Our supplier has excellent manfacturering standards to protect the antioxidant quality through all phases of production. We sell only 100% Certified organic Spirulina and Spirulina Tablets

Organic is your assurance that the Spirulina l has been cultured with naturally occurring nutrients, is never subjected to nuclear irradiation, and contains NO genetically engineered products. Your purchase helps support the global organic movement.