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How does it work ?

Select the type of delivery service you require > Select your country from the drop down menu > Then enter the weight of your purchase in kilograms . The cost in $NZ will show in the Result box

All Parcels from Spirulina World are Shipping International Air Mail Unless you contact us specifically and specify otherwise .

Spirulina World wide      

International Express =30 kg*
International Air = 20 kg
International Economy =20 kg


    Please Note: These are domestic weight all wholesale orders are shipped
    * The maximum weight for International Express is 30 kg although a maximum of 20 kg may apply at some postal acceptance points.

    The price shown here is approximate only and is based on your estimation of the weight of your parcel. The final price is determined at the time of ordering with Spirulina World , and is derived using the actual or volumetric weight (determined by Spirulina World Post scales) of your parcel.

    All parcel prices are GST zero-rated. If you wish to use stamps as the payment method for your parcel, GST will be added to the indicated price.

    All prices indicated are effective 18 March 2002