Stretch and Strength Yoga

Alignment Based

Class Time Table:

Monday   5:15pm                                                         Ingelwood                   Rotary Hall

Monday   6:45pm                                                         Ingelwood                   Rotary Hall

Tuesday   9:15am & 7pm                                          Okato                           44a Carthew St

Tuesday    7pm    (With Al)                                         Okato                           11a Robe St  (Bokkings Essential ) 

 Wednesday  6pm                                                        New Plymouth          11a Robe St

Thursday       6pm                                                        New Plymouth           11a Robe St


One on one sessions available by appointment.    

Hi I am Darren Watson I have been practicing  yoga for fifteen years and teaching for seven. I offer classes with personalized instruction, focusing on improving your alignment, strength and flexibility. Yoga has well reported benefitsin reducing stress, energising the body and mind, and improving body awarness. You will learn to work with a strong body while having a quiet mind.  This style of yoga is especially beneficial for injury prevention and recovery.

Physical Benefits

  • Flexibility
  • Strength
  • Better Posture
  • Muscle tone
  • Pain Prevention
  • Better Breathing

Mental Benefits

  • Mental Calmness
  • Stress Reduction
  • Body Awareness

Any enquiries please call or text Darren Ph 0294 272627  or  email:   [email protected]

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