The Virasana Arm/Shoulder Stretch
Hero Pose

The purpose of this pose is to help give the entire body a very complete stretch from the heels to the head. It improves strength and endurance and helps to control your breathing in conjunction with the movements of the body.

It eases and stimulates the joints especially the knees, ankles and shoulders. It reduces and Yoga alleviates backache and improves the circulation of the entire body.

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Instruction Table

Come in to a position on your hands and your knees with your knees together and your feet slightly wider than hip width apart. Your big toes & little toes pressing firmly into the floor

Push back with your hands & sit between your buttocks on the floor, make sure you roll your calf muscles out wards so your not sitting on them.

Make sure the inner calves are touching the outer thighs and your ankles are outside your buttocks, arms resting at the sides.

Inhale as you slowly raise your arms to shoulder height, shoulders down.

Exhale lengthen out through the fingertips & turn your palms to the roof. Inhale stretch your arms overhead.

Interlock the fingers. Slowly exhaling turn the palms towards the ceiling, and with a powerful push lift up from the belly into your chest and shoulders.

Exhale bring your hands down in a smooth continuance motion….

Now bringing your arms interlocking behind your back with straight arms, being careful not to roll the shoulders forward, squeezing the shoulder blades together and opening the chest on the front of the body.

Inhale hands back to the side Repeat 2-3 more times