The Triangle Pose

Triangle pose tones the leg muscles, spinal nerves and abdominal organs; it contributes towards a strong healthy lower back.

The triangle gives an excellent and complete stretch
throughout the entire body.

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Triangle yoga Poses Interactive

Instruction Table

Align yourself in mountain pose. Continuing with your smooth flowing breath.

Inhale deeply and jump your feet out landing approx 1.2-1.5m apart. your feet need to be in line and pointing forward at right angles. Next raise your arms to shoulder level, be sure that they are in line with each other. Stretch your arms out from the middle of your back. Lift your chest and look straight ahead.

Now turn your right foot out while keeping your hips to the front, and turn your left foot in from 90 to 70 degrees, by pivoting on your heel. Insure your right heel is in line with the instep of the left foot.

This is important as it sets the base for this pose.

The kneecaps and thighs are pulling up, simultaneously pushing downward through your feet into the floor. Inhale, extend the spine, exhale as you bend to the right, pushing out from the hips, through the right arm…

Taking your right hand to a comfortable position on your leg, your left arm coming up to straight, moving down as far as possible without turning the hips or torso. Keep the thighs firm and rolling around towards the buttocks, moving the left hip back and open the chest.

Inhale, extend the neck and spine, exhale, turn your head to look up at your left hand.

Keep your head, your buttocks and your heels in one straight line,not looking down with you body, keep opening your whole body up. Breathe easy.

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