Yoga Breathing: Pranayama / Breathing Pose

The simple act of learning to control the breath has a number of beneficial effects on your wellbeing, ranging from increasing your energy, to improved relaxation into sleep. It purifies the body by flushing away the gaseous by products of metabolism and will also help you to remain calm in the face of the challenges that we encounter in our everyday lives.

Control of the breath is an essential element in the art of yoga. When bringing the air in to the abdomen, do not to puff the stomach out, but pull the air into it while extending the inside wall. By harnessing the power of the breath the mind can be stilled and can be prepared for your Yoga practise.

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Instruction Table Breathing Basics

  1. Sit in a simple cross-legged position on the floor. If you don’t feel comfortable in this position place a folded blanket under your buttocks.
  2. Place your right hand on the rib cage and your left hand on your abdomen
  3. Inhale slowly through the nose feeling the breath filling the abdomen, bringing it slowly into the rib cage, then the upper chest.
  4. Exhaling softly feeling the breath leave the abdomen first, then the ribs and lastly the upper chest. Observe the space at the end of the exhale
  5. Now move hands so your forearms come to a comfortable position resting on your knees and continue the breathing with a relaxed rhythm.
  6. Continue with a flowing controlled breath in your own time.

Yoga breathing is also called Pranayama .Many say that Pranayama (Rhythmic control of breath) is one of the bests medicines in the world .

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