The Warrior Pose Virabhadra The Warrior pose is named after the mythic warrior-sage, Virabhadra. This challenging pose strengthens the entire body while improving mental capacity and self control. It builds, shapes and tones the entire lower body. It tones the abdominal section and helps to prevent, reduce and eliminate back pain. The entire upper body -front and back- is worked and doing this pose increases the capacity of the respiratory system.

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Instruction Table

Stand in mountain pose continuing with your smooth flowing breath.

Stand in mountain pose continuing with your smooth flowing breath.

Jump your feet sides ways and sweep your arms out to the side so your ankles are below your wrists. Establish your foundation, by pulling your knees and thighs up, tucking your tailbone under, pushing your feet firmly into the floor.

Visualise an imaginary line running vertically down the centre of your body, dropping your shoulders. Squeeze your arms and legs away from the centreline.

Keep an awareness of this line as you turn your right foot out to 90 degrees and turn your left foot in to 70 degrees. Ensure the heel of your front foot aligns with arch of your back foot, hips facing forward.

If your body wants to turn off centre, counter-act it by pushing simultaneously in opposite directions from the centre line.

Inhale, an as you exhale bend your right leg, pulling up with the outside and inside of the thigh to form a right angle at the knee. Only go as low as you can with out turning your hips off centre.

Ideally you want your knee directly above your ankle with you leg coming vertically out of the floor like pillar. Keep the power flowing through the back leg into the floor.

Inhale lift the spine; exhale turn your head to look over your right arm. Take a few deep breaths through the nose.

Hold the pose and breathe smooth.

Reverse the procedure back to mountain pose and repeat back to the other side.