The Lying Basic Twist

Doing this pose will rapidly increase strength and muscle tone in your midsection.

The lying twist is another pose which is very simple yet extremely effective. This pose is soothing to the spine and neck, and warms and frees the lower back and hips and it also improves digestion and assists in toxin elimination.

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Instruction Table

Come to a position lying on your back and stretch your arms out to the side and place your palms and shoulders firmly on the floor.

Move your shoulder blades under. Spread your toes apart. Feel the back and shoulders moulding to the straight lines of the floor.

Bend your knees as far as they come towards the chest.

Inhale, keeping your knees and ankles together, Exhale, rolling your knees to the right. Focus on keeping your arms pressing out wards and your shoulders pushing firmly into the ground. You may feel or hear your spine lengthening as it extends into the correct alignment.
Knees & ankles together breathe, focus on creating length between the left lower rib and the hip,

Now turn your head to look over your left hand. Relax in to this pose, stomach soft, breathing soft and relaxed.

Reverse the pose back up and repeat to the other side