The Tree Pose

This pose harnesses the powers of mental concentration, while allowing you to calm the mind. It develops balance and stability, and strengthens the legs and feet, also increasing flexibility in the hips and knees.

The tree pose is a balance pose incorporating three lines of energy, emitting from the centre outwards. One line proceeds down the straight leg, one line extends up the spine and out the fingertips, and the third moves outward through the bent knee.

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Instruction Table

Align yourself in mountain pose. Continuing with your smooth flowing breath

On your next inhale; shift the bulk of your weight onto your left foot. Exhale bend the right knee, and assisting with your hand, place the sole of your right foot as high as possible into the left inner thigh, with toes pointing down, steady yourself, and breathe easy.

Next raise your arms to shoulder level, be sure that they are in line with each other. Stretch your arms out from the middle of your back. Lift your chest and look straight ahead. Keep completely focused on the pose

Now bring your palms together in prayer position. Keeping your eyes focused on a point in front of you, will assist your balance.

Inhale as you raise your arms overhead keeping your palms together and stretching upwards through the fingertips.

Keep working your right knee back and contracting your buttocks muscles in and down.

Feel your abdomen plane and hips facing straight ahead, while lifting out of the waist.