The Seated Forward Bend

The purpose of this pose is to give the entire back of your body a very complete stretch from the heels to the head. It is excellent for posture improvement and stimulates the internal organs as well.

It adds in improved mental concentration and endurance and helps to control and calm the mind. It relieves compression while increasing the elasticity of the spine, it also strengthens and stretches the hamstrings.

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Instruction Table

Come to a sitting position with your legs together in front of you.

Move the fleshy part of your buttocks from underneath you, so you are on the top of your sitting bones, which are located at the very top of your legs.flowing breath

Roll the thighs inwards so that the kneecaps are facing directly upwards.

Activate the legs by pressing down into the floor, and out through the heels.

Spread your toes wide and pull them towards you.

Lengthen your lower back muscles down as you extend your spine up and out of the pelvis.

Now take your strap around both feet. The strap`s purpose is to keep the spine straight. This is very important. Be aware the head is an extension of the spine, so keep it aligned accordingly

Use the breath to create the optimum degree of intensity in the stretch.

On your next exhale; come down the belt further while maintaining the extension on the front and back of the torso. Some of you will be able to grab the sides of your feet. Breathe softly and continuously. Don’t pull yourself forward by the strength of your upper body.

Keep bending at the hips, maintaining a relaxed head and neck.

Go a little further, relax your abdomen, and inhale, as you lengthen, exhale, and come further forward, increasing the space in your vertebrae.