The Locust Pose

The locus yoga posture is named as such as it resembles the shape of the insect known as the Locust. This pose helps to strengthen, stretch and reduce stiffness in the lower back while bringing flexibility to the upper back region.

When you first begin to practice this pose, your legs may not move very far off the floor. Please continue and stay positive as you will find your range will continue to improve the more you practice. Learning to master this pose will hold you in good stead for more advanced back bends.

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Instruction Table

Come to a position lying face down on the floor, with your arms along side your body, palms and forehead down. Bring your knees and ankles together. Squeeze the shoulder blades together and down. Push your palms into the floor. Pull the abdominals inwards, contract the buttocks, and press the hips and pubis firmly into the floor.

On your next exhale; raise the legs to a height that is comfortable but challenging.

Keep the buttocks activated, lock the knees, keep the ankles together.

Extend the front of your body as you pull the shoulder blades together, raising the head, the arms, and upper torso away from the floor, looking straight ahead, opening the front of the chest and pushing down the lines of the arms.
Keep the legs working strongly.