The Extended Child’s Pose / Garbhasana

The Childs Yoga pose when practiced regularly is very beneficial to your entire mind and body. It helps to release the pressure on the spine while providing an entire stretch through the upper body to the fingertips. It also aids in strengthening and stretching the insides of the legs while massaging the internal organs.

Breathing will becomes more efficient and your mind will become clear. It also aids in improved mental processes and helps to rejuvenate and energize the entire being.

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Instruction Table

Bring your big toes together and your knees wide apart, inhale as you lift your spine and extend your stomach.

Exhale bend forward from the hips as you walk you hands out as far in front of you as possible, extending from the hips to the fingertips.

Place your forehead on the ground & buttocks back to the heels. Work your pubis to the floor and strech the inner thigh muscles. Focus on the breath.

Breathing into the abdomen as you extend it forward in to the breastbone, creating length through the upper body. Exhale from deep in the abdomen relaxing in the spine and continue the slow controlled breathing.