The Boat Pose

Doing the boat pose will rapidly increase strength and muscle tone in your midsection.

Keep challenging yourself to stay in this pose longer. If you find the stimulation of the midsection becoming intense, just persist with it, knowing your mind has ultimate control over the body.

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Instruction Table

Find yourself on your sitting bones, lifting out of the hips.

Extend your spine upwards, and press the soles of your feet into the floor, with the knees and ankles together.

Using your fingertips on the floor for balance, extend your abdomen as you lean back slightly.

Bring your lower legs up, parallel to the floor. Breathe softly, in and out through the nose, while opening the chest and squeezing the shoulder blades together.

Focus on a point at eye level in front of you. You may find this pose challenging to begin with

Now bring your arms up beside your knees, parallel to the floor, opening the chest. Keep your focus on that point in front of you. This will help your stability. Continue with the controlled breathing.

Feel the stimulation of the entire abdominal region, as you hold this pose for a few more breaths.

Advanced Variation of The Boat

Now bring your legs up to straight. Continue to keep your focus on that point in front of you.

Continue with the controlled breathing.