You’ve probably already got a topic that’s close to your heart in mind.  But how to present it?  As well as the article submission guidelines, consider this:


Be inventive and eye catching…have a look at other articles and see what grabs your attention, e.g.,

  • The Secret of….
  • 5 Ways to Boost….
  • All About….
  • 10 Things You did’t Know About…
  • What They Didn’t Tell You About….
  • What I Wish Id Known About
  • The Best Yoga Pose For….
  • How To……
  • …. 101
  • The Best Way To…


We welcome your inspiring articles of personal passion, interest and expertise, including:

  • All styles and facets of yoga – postures, meditation, classes, home practice, insights
  • The subtler side of Yoga: Devotion, Self Discovery, Karma Yoga, Knowledge, Sutras, Breathing, Concentration, Meditation and beyond, yoga as medicine,Effects on Mind and Emotions
  • Yoga lifestyle – natural health, conscious living, nutrition, Ethical Living, Social Responsibility, Community,awareness,, recipes, family life, relationships, environment, gardening and MORE!

Still Not Sure?

  • Backgrounds, interviews, facts, events, personal insights, trends. influencers, teaching, news, objective descriptions/comparisons and reviews, cutting edge, how to…, workshops, collaborations, celebrations, important dates e.g. holidays and anniversaries, press release, videos, Q&A Format, the best of, reasons to…., lists, viral, tips, Celebrity Yoga.

Writing Style

What personality are you?

Inspirational, educational, supportive, motivating, edgy, innovative, informative, crazy zany, serious, shocking, teaching, inclusive, contemporary, traditional, video, animated.


There’s a fine line between sharing your personal story to inspire others and writing a personal blog.  This is not your personal blog so don’t make it overly personal unless it serves others well.  If you wish to write a personal story of transformation through yoga, then you can submit a story specifically for our transformation pages


Who might read this?  Consider a beginners knowledge level and fill in knowledge gaps, or write more articles to explain terminology, or include a link to another page/article on that helps explain.

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