A huge thank you to everyone whom has written in support of our free videos from this website. As this is a free resource & I can’t offer medical advise etc. I have 2 businesses and a really busy life so I do not get time to respond to many emails, they are all read and it is great to hear from anyone whom we have touched their life. Please contact us if you have some feedback it is appreciated . I plan on bringing a heap more mutli media to the site in the future so visit again or sign up for our news letter . Which is very infrequent at present.

Here are just a few things peope had to say and they motivate me to keep the site going, which it costs me around $USD 250 – USD 300 per month for the amount of bandwidth it is using. Around 40 – 60 GB per day & growing .

Thanks to all the below for the positive feedback.

Namaste ( The highest me salutes the highest you. )

Thank you for ur free yoga video i’ve been doing it for over 2 years and it turned my life around it is the greatest. I’m doing great, Ii think ur vidio is the vary highest quality. & if u guys ever decided to make a new vidio please include relaxation at the end (?? AL there is 15 mins at the end have you got the whole DVD ? ) and Maybe it would be great to have another vidio with 20 minutes relaxation or longer. i’m really caught on the background music. I’m doing great in my life .

Thank you!


Great to hear all feedback . We are making some more Yoga DVDs /Videos soon and have a free give away of your DVD with New Menu and heaps of cool stuff We will email everyone once it is ready . Plus a 30 min relaxation track that is almost finished .

Keep it up



I injured my back in a car accident in October and had over $15,000 worth of rehabilitation. 6 months after it was over, I had a massive relapse. I felt exactly as I had the days after the accident. A friend then told me about this website and told me I should give the free video a try – to see if it could help. I did so, and I can not describe how astonishing the results are. Every day that I do yoga is a pain free 24 hours. Not only do I sleep better, but after 2 months, I’m noticeably stronger in my legs, back, and arms. Anyway, I wanted to say thanks. I want to donate in appreciation of the free download, but I can do that on my own. I mainly wanted to know what other videos you have available for my yoga development.

Thank you
Rustin Scott


Hello! My boyfriend and I have just started getting into yoga. We attended a few classes but they sucked our wallets dry pretty fast. This made us sad because we wanted to furthur our new experience with yoga. Your video allowed us to do just that. Not only were we able to practice in the comfort of our own home, but your video really guides you through the whole process. I love how you take time getting into, being in and releasing each pose. I also appreciate all of the extra tid bits of info you lay out there. We are anxiously awaiting your next video seeing as how we have the first memorized.

Thank you so much, you have done a great thing for your fellow human-kind.

Best wishes,

"Awesome great to here the feedback . "


I have downloaded your video and use it regularly. I have ordered others and still find yours the best. I am 49, and have arthritis of the spine. Yours helps with my flexibility. I like how you hold a pose for length of time. Some of the others move you from one pose to another too quickly.

Regards Ken


Thanks for the Free video. Just what I needed to get started.
gautam patel


I just want to say thanks for the free video. If you have more I would buy them. I really like your style and approach; your country is beautiful. I would very much like to see it one day. Thanks again, Jonathan


HI, I’m writing you from Italy. A US friend of mine gave me your trial DVD and I tried…it’s great! Could you please tell me which would be the next step? Thanks
silvia casali

Please go to good Yoga teacher
———————— ———————— ————————
I just wanted to say that I downloaded your yoga video and reccommended it to all of my friends. I feel amazing after doing it once and I plan on taking the 70 minutes out of my day to practice. I’m completely satisfied, this is a great website!



Hi! I just wanted to say a big Thank you for the Free Yoga Video. Its just great to do yoga with you guys and I look forward to download more! Thank you thank you !



Hi, I just downloaded your free yoga video and worked my way all the way through it. I had been interested in pursuing yoga for years, but never had extra money to use to learn more about it. This video was awesome. I feel invigorated and look forward to working through this video daily!!!
I just wanted to thank you guys for making the free beginners video available. I’m 48 yrs old. I’ve been very active my entire life. Currently my principal sport is long distance cycling though I also continue to weight train and run.

Prolonged periods on the bike (and I getting older I suppose <grin>) made it really clear that I was getting far out balance. Various aches and pains, running injuries, etc led me to look at Yoga just a few weeks ago. After watching the first video it was clear that Yoga will be included in my daily life. It fills a large void and nicely compliments the strength and endurance training.

I rented at least 5 different top beginner Yoga videos. Not a single one resonates with me the way that yours does. So many of the videos are sold to show a super flexible instructor who, while wonderful to watch, flows from position to position in ways that no beginner ever could.

I’ve now followed your video over 10 times. While nothing in it is terribly challanging, I’m working to truely understand each pose, use exquisite form, and hold each pose for a longer period of time. My biggest challenge is hamstring flexibility which I’m sure comes from prolonged history of running, cycling and marginal stretching. Just a couple weeks following your training has greatly reduced nagging hip and back pain.

Your video is simply great. It is very well thought out and your enthusiam is felt. Watching the two of you with one face on and the other at a 90 degree angle really helps to understand how the pose should be approached and held. You both show the move is a way that a beginner can actually follow.

If you were local (I’m in the USA) I would certainly take classes at your studio.

Do you plan to put out a follow-up video ? If so, I will absolutely purchase.

We Do as soon as we get the time . Actually a weekly one is on the cards . A few events need to fall into place yet.

Thank you for your generosity and the wonderful message shared on your website. I’ve signed up at your website. Hopefully, this will keep me informed if you plan to release a future video for sale.

Thank you again ! Your efforts half way across the world have had a very positive impact in my life.

I have been looking for a good beginning yoga workout. I downloaded your file and found it wonderful. I am a 48 year old male who exercises regularly, but who has arthritis of the spine and poor flexibility. I love the stretching you have in your program. My question is I see you have the download available for purchase on VHS. Do you possibly have it on DVD? Also, are you thinking of doing a Tai Chi one at any time?

Thanks very much for your website.

Ken Shalik


Greetings Greg and Al

I am writing form the mountains of the west coast of Canada in a village north of Vancouver named Lions Bay.

My name is Mike and i was first introduced to your yoga video DVD through my friend mark who lives here in this area and is a long time friend. we have been practicing yoga consistently for 4 months,
(Mark has been going for almost 150 straight days without missing a single day) i have missed a few days though.

I would like to express my profound grattitude for what you have accomplished here… I am very grateful to have the ability to perform your program, so well put together and pleasant to watch and
follow. Your talents obviously exceed your yoga abilities and extend well into the audio visual realm. well done on the video, and accompanying score that fits so well and has so far become a delight
to watch over and over and over which is more than you can say for other yoga videos in my experience.

I have a multimedia company in which we produce media content of the highest conscious order and is of visionary culture… a new paradigm media portal of sorts. As such i can really appreciate the work done in the video. Iam more than happy to purchase your video and support your valuable
I admit i have your free copy as a result of not currently being in a position to buy, also taking advantage of your incredible generosity. You have performed a duty of higher cosmic karma and
service to the human family and as a result you deserve the appropriate reciprocal rewards for your contributions. Offering yoga to people is a profoundly rewarding experience as there is fewer better gifts one can receive, and i have tremendous pleasure in turning people on to it.

Thanks for your time
Appreciate your work
Mike Santos
sirius media

Thanks Mike it is awesome to hear that we are helping people and emails like this make it all worth while .