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This section contains videos that don’t belong to a series. Specialist subjects like Yoga for Pregnancy and videos shot in interesting outdoor locations add to the variety of high quality content in our members area. These videos are designed to help people with different needs and levels of fitness and are living proof that you can practice Yoga no matter who or where you are, what kind of body type you are or what age you are. Yoga is for everyone.

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    Yoga for Your Heart

    Backbends, aka heart openers, are thrilling, opening, expansive, and energizing. Not only do they help to alleviate depression but backbends also help to strengthen the immune system. An expressive heart, an energized body, a fearless mind, and a strong immune system is a great combination all year long! … [Read More...]


    Yoga for Your Feet

    In this 30 minute class you will learn how to physically set the foundation of the feet and at the same time energetically ground the energy of the legs. While physically our focus will be on broadening our base of support and at the same time learning how to stand equally into the feet, energetically we will practice charging the energy of the legs through the feet to connect us to our physical plane. This class has been designed so that when combined with a fluid flowing breath you may not … [Read More...]


    Yoga for Your Cycle

    . . . .   We are currently re-shooting this video We appreciate your understanding - Namaste     … [Read More...]


    Yoga for Your Core

    . . . . In this 30 minute class you will learn how to bring balance to all four sides of the torso toning the entire core. In many cases we fixate on the front body “6 pack” strengthening our Abs making us feel more esthetically pleasing to our peers,,, but this is a false sense of support...its literally one sided!! The core is our center. It represents our sense of balance. This class has been designed to practice building strength and flexibility of the entire core, tapping into the … [Read More...]


    Yoga for Your Abs

    Yoga exercise for your abdominals or in short abs. … [Read More...]


    Yoga for Weight Loss

    Extremely effective 20 minute Yoga workout specifically design to burn calories and assist with weight loss. Using a core breath technique that help to stimulate your body into weight loss mode much quicker than other Yoga and exercise regimes. Increase your metabolism, improve muscle tone and lose weight all while enjoying the many other benefits of Yoga. Click here to visit Yoga Online … [Read More...]


    Yoga for Pregnancy

    Join Sarsha as she demonstrates Yoga techniques that will help you to relax your body during pregnancy and help to prepare your body to give birth. As always - consult with your doctor before beginning any new physical exercise - especially when pregnant. Click here to visit Yoga Online … [Read More...]


    Yoga for Power

    A special workout directly aimed at improving flexibility and strength for athletes and anyone looking for a full body workout. Including dynamic breathing with strong ,flowing and static postures modified for different levels of practice. Perfect for people looking for a Yoga workout to enhance weight training, improve concentration, performance and stress management. Click here to visit Yoga Online … [Read More...]


    Yoga for Moving Through

    This is a 30minute vigorous full-spectrum practice to help you move through transition, emotion, or that feeling of "being stuck". A good friend of mine says that when things are difficult, the only way to move through them is to move through them. I created this practice to help you (and me, for that matter...) do just that. … [Read More...]


    Yoga for Fitness

    Join us on the beautiful south pacific island of Rarotonga for a Yoga lesson that will help with your all round fitness, health and well being. Using simple yet effective basic Yoga practice to stretch, tone and relax your body while helping to clear your mind. Although this lesson was filmed in a stunning tropical location, the beauty of Yoga is it can be practiced virtually anywhere, anytime by anybody. Join Aluska in this beautiful setting to start on your Yoga journey to better health and … [Read More...]

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