Paul Barton leads us in this series of in depth Pranayama theory and practice. Pranayama basically means “breathing exercises” in the Yoga tradition but we find there is much to learn when we study carefully with Paul.

It is important to note that we should begin by simple watching and observing this series of video before beginning to practice.

It is also important to note that you should begin your study with the “Full Pranayama Workshop” video before progressing to the others.

  • main-pranayama

    Main Pranayama Workshop

    Paul leads us through this introduction to Pranayama practice with this full workshop. Please ensure you watch this video carefully and completely before moving on to the other titles. Click here to visit Yoga Online … Watch Videos


    Beginners Pranayama

    After thoroughly studying and practicing with the Full Pranayama Workshop video you will be ready to move on as Paul guides you through Beginners Pranayama Click here to visit Yoga Online … Watch Videos


    Ujjayi Pranayama Workshop

    In this video Paul teaches Advanced Pranayama techniques. Please ensure you have completed the previous pranayama videos before beginning the Ujjayi Pranayama Workshop. Click here to visit Yoga Online … Watch Videos


    Pranayama Yoga

    Calm your mind, strengthen your body and energize your soul with this Pranayama Yoga Class by Stacy Glassman. … Watch Videos

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