In the General section of our “Yoga For…” category is just what it says – general. Here you will find Yoga for Hips, Yoga for Your Shoulders, Yoga for Beginners, Yoga for Kids …. the list is quite long. Please take your time browse through the content of this category, you may be surprised at what you find there.

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    Yoga for Feet and Legs

    Join Andrea for this floorwork session - yoga for feet and legs. Lunges, twists and footwork round out this session. Come practice with Andrea today! Includes the VariYoga Bharadvajasana* Sequence (*Mermaid Twist). … [Read More...]



    Ahimsa means non-violence: non-violence to you and to others. This yoga sculpt class is about training your body and your mind with the intention to listen and honor your body’s needs. This yoga sculpt practice challenges your body to increase strength and muscular endurance, but also trains your mind to be still and focused. … [Read More...]


    Gentle Seated Yoga

    A special Yoga routine for people who can't be seated comfortably on the floor. As you will find in this lesson, many good things are achievable practicing Yoga in a seated position. … [Read More...]


    Yoga for Body and Mind

    This 70 min lesson concentrates on Yoga for the body and mind. … [Read More...]


    Yoga for Your Feet

    In this 30 minute class you will learn how to physically set the foundation of the feet and at the same time energetically ground the energy of the legs. While physically our focus will be on broadening our base of support and at the same time learning how to stand equally into the feet, energetically we will practice charging the energy of the legs through the feet to connect us to our physical plane. This class has been designed so that when … [Read More...]


    Yoga for Moving Through

    This is a 30minute vigorous full-spectrum practice to help you move through transition, emotion, or that feeling of "being stuck". A good friend of mine says that when things are difficult, the only way to move through them is to move through them. I created this practice to help you (and me, for that matter...) do just that. … [Read More...]


    Happy Fit Fall Shoulders Yoga Workout

    We can notice and be grateful for the contrasts in our lives, instead of cursing them, because of the clarity these contrasts provide us! Practice this principle: bless any tightness or weakness you feel while you follow along with this fun yoga flow, instead of cursing it. Know that it is information to help you focus your energy into what would be better. This flow features a feisty warmup with blocks; hamstring, hip, and shoulder opening; … [Read More...]


    Yoga for Your Heart

    Backbends, aka heart openers, are thrilling, opening, expansive, and energizing. Not only do they help to alleviate depression but backbends also help to strengthen the immune system. An expressive heart, an energized body, a fearless mind, and a strong immune system is a great combination all year long! … [Read More...]


    Yoga for Your Abs

    Yoga exercise for your abdominals or in short abs. … [Read More...]


    Fun Yoga for Kids

    A great video for introducing children to Yoga with the main focus on having fun. … [Read More...]

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