This section contains videos about Flow Yoga or Vinyasa Yoga. Characterized by smooth, flowing movements that connect between Asanna.

  • waterwheel-thumb


    I sometimes lose my ability to flow around problems the way water moves around a boulder in the stream. I sometimes lose my playful nature and get caught up in control. This is a series to build the nature of water in the body… beginning with the elements in the hands moving slowly, and then back extensions which ripple into waves until there is rolling, spilling, pouring, scooping and trickling taking form in my body. All of this is done in slow … [Read More...]


    Winter Solstice Yoga Flow

    Winter Solstice Yoga Flow from Delamay Devi on Vimeo. Celebrating and acknowledging a sacred turning point in the year. Releasing that which no longer serves us and creating space for more light and inspiration! This salutation Yoga flow is dedicated to the natural vinyasas in life and welcoming in the sun energy. I bow to my inner heart guru, my empowering teacher Shiva Rea and to the magical … [Read More...]


    Hatha Yoga Flow

    This is a favorite of people who like their class to move along. Each movement flows into the next in this gentle sequence. Click here to visit Yoga Online … [Read More...]


    Well Rounded Practice

    50 minute class. Yoga Flow level 3 is well rounded. Lots of warm ups, sun salutes, standing poses, balances forward bending and back bending. If you are new to yoga, check out my website myyogaminute.com for easier class options, including 'how-to' tutorials. Click here to visit Yoga Online … [Read More...]

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