Gateway to Inner Peace

Quest for Balance

A short series of flow Yoga that concentrates on improving balance throughout your body and mind. Stress relief and a great physical strengthening combine to make Quest for Balance a dynamic and challenging series.

Traditional Hatha Yoga Demonstrations

In these videos Ram and Brian demonstrate some advanced techniques, postures and practices from the Hatha Yoga tradition. Please ensure you have mastered the first 7 lessons and the Open Class in the Hatha Yoga series before moving onto to these advanced videos. Please study these videos thoroughly before attempting any of these practices.

Traditional Hatha Yoga

Traditional Hatha Yoga is an ancient practice whos origins can be traced back over 5000 years. Passed down from guru to student through the centuries until the present where we now find the Hatha Yoga traditions, especially those taught by the great Swami Sivananda and Swami Vishnu Devananda, spread throughout the world.

In this series of videos our guru Ram will not only guide us through seven lessons and an open class, but will also demonstrate techniques himself in the Posture and Kriya Worshop videos. Using the five points of Yoga, proper exercise, proper breathing, proper relaxation, proper diet and of course positive thinking and meditations.

After studying Yoga for many years in India and throughout the world, Ram has now setup New Zealand’s first official Sivananda Centre. The Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre in Westown, New Plymouth, offers classes in Hatha Yoga and Meditation and also hosts regular Satsangs.

We hope you enjoy this series of videos and please click this link to find out more about the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre in New Plymouth