Yoga and the Art of Aging


Would you like to age more enthusiastically? Do you often feel tired and lethargic? Do you regularly forget things? Your stomach lining is replaced every five days, while your skin is retread every six weeks. 98% of your self is completely replaced in one year. So why then do we age? No body really knows the answer to that question. We do know that for thousands of years yoga has been used as a tool to balance the body and mind, thus … [Read More...]

Vegetarian Food


Our Chef Ram has a wealth of experience as a professional chef in demand by hotels and restaurants throughout the world. His interest in Traditional Hatha Yoga led him to spent time in Yoga ashrams and this in turn increased his interest vegetarian cooking. Following a long stint cooking vegan and vegetarian food for owners of super-yachts in Europe and the Mediterranean, Ram has returned to his home town of New Plymouth, New Zealand to setup … [Read More...]

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From the Satsang filmed at the SivananadaYoga Vedanta Centre New Plymouth, New Zealand. The centre has early morning Satsang three times a week and also on Saturday evenings. It is free to come along. Many people find meditation techniques and chanting a useful addition to their yoga practice. The celebration of Satsang is not tied to any particular religion but simply relates to states and stages of consciousness. It has been described as a … [Read More...]

Traditional Hatha Yoga


Traditional Hatha Yoga is an ancient practice whos origins can be traced back over 5000 years. Passed down from guru to student through the centuries until the present where we now find the Hatha Yoga traditions, especially those taught by the great Swami Sivananda and Swami Vishnu Devananda, spread throughout the world. In this series of videos our guru Ram will not only guide us through seven lessons and an open class, but will also … [Read More...]

Yoga for Fitness


This section contains videos that don't belong to a series. Specialist subjects like Yoga for Pregnancy and videos shot in interesting outdoor locations add to the variety of high quality content in our members area. These videos are designed to help people with different needs and levels of fitness and are living proof that you can practice Yoga no matter who or where you are, what kind of body type you are or what age you are. Yoga is for … [Read More...]

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