In the General section of our “Yoga For…” category is just what it says – general. Here you will find Yoga for Hips, Yoga for Your Shoulders, Yoga for Beginners, Yoga for Kids …. the list is quite long. Please take your time browse through the content of this category, you may be surprised at what you find there.

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    Yoga for Feet and Legs

    Lunges, twisting and working with your feet complete this session. … [Read More...]



    In English Ahimsa means non violence. This lesson helps us learn to train the body and the mind to be sensitive to the bodies needs. Training the the body for strength and the mind for calm and focus. … [Read More...]


    Gentle Seated Yoga

    A special Yoga routine for people who can't be seated comfortably on the floor. As you will find in this lesson, many good things are achievable practicing Yoga in a seated position. … [Read More...]


    Yoga for Body and Mind

    This 30 min lesson concentrates on Yoga for the body and mind. … [Read More...]


    Yoga for Your Feet

    In this class you will learn to physically and energetically set a solid base for your feet and legs. The focus will be on broadening our base and learning to stand into your feet while directly charging energy through the feet to connect our inner energy with a physical base. … [Read More...]


    Yoga for Moving Through

    An energetic thorough practice to manage difficult emotions or situations where the way forward isn't clear. Learn to move the difficulties through. … [Read More...]


    Yoga for Your Shoulders

    A very gentle slow Hatha Yoga workout to aid in stretching the shoulders and neck. Regular reminders during the course of the video to bring your awareness back to body sensations and to finish, a tn 10 minute relaxation. … [Read More...]


    Yoga for Your Heart

    Opening, expansive and great for increasing your sense of energy, backbends or heart openers can even help with depression and enhance your ability to fight off disease and infection. … [Read More...]


    Yoga for Your Abs

    A solid workout for your abdominal muscles. … [Read More...]


    Fun Yoga for Kids

    A great video for introducing children to Yoga with the main focus on having fun. … [Read More...]

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