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A letter to Al from Michael Graney From Untiy Yoga Queenstown. I bit tough I thought . Especailly when I had an email requesting a link from our site a week earlier and Michaels business partner has trained under the teacher whom is running the retreat.

Unity Yoga Hmmmmmmmmmm

My Dear Allan,

or whom ever this arrives to. My name is Michael Graney. I am co-owner of Unity Yoga in Queenstown and recently we received a marekting package from you regarding a retreat near Mt Taranaki. Perhaps the first note is you got our postal address wrong and it only came to us as the post office here was on a good day. we do not receive post at our studio. Regardless, thankyou for considering us in your packaging/marketing venture.

However, we NEVER market anything from anyone we have not met or negotiated terms with. We know nothing about you and are not willing to suggest your retreats to ANY of our students especially under an assumed relationship based on something as nebulous and variable as the fact that we all teach Yoga. There are too many discrepancies in what "Yoga" is and it would be irresponsible of us to recommend yours or anyone elses retreats or workshops of whom
we have no first-hand knowledge.

So while we wish you all the best with your retreat and all further projects you undertake plese refrain from sending anymore of your information to us as we simply throw it ALL in the recycle bin. We hope that you will stop in and introduce yourself to us if you do come to Queenstown. After that we may find that there are enough shared ideas that the differences bound to become evident in your teaching will only come as an enhancement to our students practices.

Most Sincerely,

Michael Graney

Unity Yoga
61 Beach St
Queenstown NZ

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Studio Sangha! Yoga Queenstown
A brand new, purpose built yoga studio located just five minutes drive from the center of Queenstown at 2 Industrial Lane, off of Industrial Place (which is off of Gorge Road), Studio Sangha caters for all levels of students.