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5 Quick-Fix Health Asanas

5 Quick-Fix Health Asanas

We all know that yoga can do wonders for the body in a preventative manner as regular practice ensures that

4 Ways Yoga Helps You Heal

4 Ways Yoga Helps You Heal

Aside from the typical view of impossibly flexible yogis tying themselves up in knots, most people know that yoga provides

Social Values

Social Values How you see yourself is how others will see you, whether you realize it or not. Social values

Personal Values

Personal Values Personal values are the set of principles you live by and continually develop as you live your life.


Positivity What is the difference between a dead body and one that is alive? Well basically that – "alive". A

Reduction of Tension

Reduction of Tension Tension is a choice that is made. It is a reaction emotion that is decided upon. It

Mood Change & Vitality

Mood Change And Vitality The practice of yoga promotes a rejuvenating effect on the body. By stimulating the entire body

Mental Performance

Mental Performance Because of the stimulation that yoga places upon the brain through focus and control, your brain will develop

Better Focus

Better Focus To achieve levels of excellence in life, one must learn to master the mindset of focus. With an

Self Control

Self Control Through the breathing techniques that are learnt and acquired through the practice of yoga, you will learn the


Confidence How you feel mentally is determined by how you feel physically and how you feel physically is determined by

Self Awareness

Self-Awareness Yoga strives to increase self-awareness on both a physical and psychological level. The practitioner will learn to feel every

Balances the Mind and Body

Yoga Balances the Body Practicing yoga balances the entire nervous system and also energizes and relaxes the body simultaneously. For

Lowers Blood Pressure

Lower Blood Pressure How can Yoga help? The inverted poses in yoga are designed to lower blood pressure. Research shows

Slow the Aging Process

Yoga slows the Aging Process Use it or you lose it! Most people make the decision to grow old whether

Balances Body Chemistry

Balances Body Chemistry When people who don’t practice yoga and are under stress continually, their bodies chemistry becomes more acidic,