Let It Ride

Let It Ride

Let It Ride is one of the casino poker type games that can be found in the game suites of all of our featured online casino real money nz, the game is simple to play and unlike a normal game of poker whereby you play with fellow players, this version is just yourself up against the casino.

The game is played with a standard deck of 52 playing cards and the aim of the game is simply for you to end the game with a poker hand listed on the games’ payout schedule

Let It Ride – How To Play

The Player will be dealt out by the Dealer 5 playing cards from the deck these are dealt 3 x face up and 2 x dealt face down. The two face down card are what are known as community cards and they will be revealed as the game progresses.

To begin a game you first need to place onto the table a starting bet, this is known as an Ante bet, once this has been placed and the Dealer has dealt out the cards as per the above then you next need to decide whether to Raise your original wager, which is simply doubling it, or continue without a Raise to the next round of the game.

After you have made your betting move of either Raising or Continuing, the Dealer will then turn one of the downward facing cards over to reveal it, this card then forms part of your poker hand.

You then get to either Raise or Continue without Raising your wager based on the strength of your hand so far, once you have made your betting decision the final card will be turned over.

Should your hand be one the poker hands listed on the Let It Ride payout schedule then you will win the amount listed.

Let It Ride – Strategy

The most commonly used strategy for playing Let It Ride is for a player to only raise their bet when the have a pair of tens or better on their initial three cards, as the game tends to offer a payout for getting at least a pair of tens then you are guaranteed a winning hand and by Raising the amount your will win is higher and of course guaranteed!

Let It Ride – Tips

  1. Try and only Raise your wager when holding a pair of tens or better.
  2. If the game offers a progressive side bet then make sure you activate it by paying the additional wager.
  3. If you are using a casino bonus make sure that Let It Ride is an allowed game as sometimes a casino will not permit it to be played with any of their bonuses.
  4. Join up to the casinos comp or loyalty scheme before you start to play for real money, as by doing so you will qualify for additional free cash and bonuses from the minute you do indeed start to play for real money.

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