You are Exactly where you are meant to be


The reality of being human

Do you feel alone and left out in the dark sometimes? Or scared you’re not able to make ends meet? Or that you’re running out of time as the years slip quickly away? Do you worry that life isn’t as enjoyable as it used to be as a child and fear that you’ve lost the youthfulness of years gone by?

If you’re falling into this category, then you are not alone and we are very pleased and honored to have your beautiful soul as part of the Yogasync community – you’re in the right place! Because when we feel this way, we can become demotivated, lethargic, foggy in the mind and lazy in the body. This kind of pattern is a downward spiral to depression and more woes.

But as we persist and continue with our practice, a shift starts to occur within us. And this shift opens to a deeper sense of faith and trust in life, and perfect outcome of all things. It’s as if we become connected to an unseen force that is guiding and supporting us in all ways. We begin to realize that we are exactly where we are meant to be and we are experiencing exactly what we were born to experience. Life is delivering us the tools for growth and development, evolution and deeper love.

  • So if you’re down and despondent, pick a Sync like Team Yogasync’s “Summer Yoga on the Deck” – especially if you’re in winter, you could probably really do with livening things up with back bends and twists – and get on your mat.

  • If you’re lacking in confidence to move forward with the next thing in life, try some standing poses for balance and strength like this “Keep Moving” Sync.

  • Or if you want something a little longer try Kali’s “Center and Balance”.

Remember all things are arising and passing. So if you’re in a challenging spot or feeling out of sorts or hard done by, get on your mat; For this too will pass and the sanctuary of your mat will ease its passing. And in times of ease, flow and happiness, have gratitude… for it too will pass!

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