Yoga Wear: Do’s and Don’ts – General Guidance for Non-nudists

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Honestly, practice naked. But if that option isn’t available (let’s say you’re in a class with twenty five other people, for example,) there are countless approaches to yoga apparel. The basic do’s and don’ts have everything to do with allowing you to move freely and covering up what you could get arrested for showing, but there are some more specific tips I’ve picked up along the way that can make dressing for yoga easy and fun. Let’s move from head to toe:


Do: Keep your hair back and out of your face with a headband, pins or ponytail. Two braids, a French braid or a high ponytail are best for long hair.

Don’t: Let long, sweaty hair drape or drip on others, and clean up any shedding around your mat after class.


Do: Remove dangling earrings and necklaces. Even rings can pinch. Take off your watch – so you won’t be looking at it!

Don’t: Wear metal bracelets to class; the sound of bangles sliding up and down your arms is distracting. Also remove your glasses, if you can move safely without them.


Do: Wear soft, moveable tops that are comfortable and breathable. Be aware that you will be bending over a lot, and dress accordingly. Bring an extra layer for savasana. Also, be conscientious of the logos and messages on your shirt and be respectful of your classmates’ emotional comfort.

Don’t: Wear a regular bra – opt for a sports bra, as the clasps on regular bras can be painful to roll around on.


Do: Wear comfortable shorts, leggings or yoga pants.

Don’t: Wear jeans! Avoid zippers, drawstrings, and buttons.


Do: Bare feet are best. Yoga socks are a special type of sock for the hands and feet that help grip the mat to help with slipping.

Don’t: Wear shoes into the studio – the floor is for socks and bare feet only. Shoes will also damage your mat.


Do: A clean face is best; things are bound to get sweaty. Deodorant is kind to your fellow classmates. Eco safe nail polish is a yoga-friendly flair.

Don’t: Wear strong perfume or fragrances to a stuffy studio. Clean up your sweat if it’s on the floor after class. And in general, don’t worry if your face is red, your pits are a little smelly and your body is covered in sweat by the end of class – yoga is a work out, and the exercising body is beautiful!


Yogasync Me!  Yoga for Beauty?  It comes from the inside out, so practice yoga as often as you can, and eat a diet that your body can easily process and get heaps of nutrients from:

Gentle Yoga for Radiant Skin

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