Yoga to Boost Productivity Right Now!


You’re sitting at your desk at work, and lunch time has already come and gone. You have so much to work on, but just feel lethargic and ready for a nap. Most employers generally frown upon bringing a pillow and blanket in, and taking a little rest at your work-space, so here are some ideas to get that blood pumping and energy flowing again.

These are some good exercises you can easily do at your desk, seated at your chair. There are a few also, that you can do while standing behind your chair, but that totally depends on your comfort level or level of privacy where you work. Maybe you can get the entire floor doing these, and what an amazing thing that would be!

Sit on your chair, small of the back up against the back of the chair. Arms are at your sides, shoulders relaxed. Now take a good deep breath in, through the nose. Feel the breath move from your belly up through your body into your head. Now, exhale slowly through your nose. As you inhale, it’s helpful to mentally count how long it takes to get that full breath in, then as you exhale, work on keeping the count the same. The goal here is a nice even, controlled breath in and out. Take a couple more of these breaths, just to get the body and mind moving.

Now, with arms at your sides, as you inhale, bring the arms above the head towards the ceiling. Exhale as you extend the arms up, stretching the torso. Inhale, and as you exhale, bring the arms forward. If you have space constraints, bring the arms straight down alongside the body, then bend from the hips and bring your arms all the way down so fingers come towards the floor. If you feel like this extension is too much of a strain, or you have any eye or blood pressure issues, bring the palms of the hands to rest on the lap, and keep the torso and elbows straight. Continue the even breathing, then on an inhale, as you exhale, slowly round the back and bring yourself back up to seated straight, rolling the back up, vertebrae by vertebrae.

The above exercise helps to get the blood pumping while distributing oxygen evenly and stretching out the muscles.

So get productive and stretch it out…start the trend at your work place!

No excuses now!  Try this chair yoga video:

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About Cindy Chalmers

Cindy Chalmers is a board certified holistic practitioner and certified yoga and Silver Sneakers instructor. At an early age, she realized her calling was to help and heal whether through counsel or laughter. It took a lot of wrong turns, self examination and realization, but it has all culminated to a greater understanding of life, people, caring and commitment. Cindy has talked with literally hundreds of people throughout her life, working through meditation, exercise and conversation to aid them in their need for better understanding and wisdom with themselves. It is through this ability that Cindy knows her true life’s calling, for each person validates her commitment to helping others. The ministry to others is a life long dream come true.

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