Yoga is for the Entire Family

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Yoga is for the Entire Family

Looking for an activity that will bring the family together, promote health and wellness, and is fun to do?  Consider family yoga!  No matter your age, yoga can benefit you and improve your lifestyle.  More and more gyms and yoga studios are developing programs that focus on the entire family, from the young child to the grandparent.

Children think yoga is cool.  The view the performance postures as great fun, much like gymnastics or a game of Twister.  However, while they are mastering each posture, they are also developing self-discipline, improving their balance and coordination, and are even bolstering their mental health.  Children’s natural flexibility makes posturing seem easy.  Fostering a love of yoga in your child at a young age is a gift you can give that will behoove them their entire life.

Family yoga benefits teenagers, as well.  Help your teen preserve their flexibility through yoga.  If your teen plays a sport, yoga can only enhance their performance while staving off injury.  Yoga keeps muscles lean and limber, and prevents tearing.  Yoga’s focus on balance and coordination makes it a great way to improve a number of sports, including tennis, soccer, basketball, and baseball.  Even professional football players take up yoga to keep limber and improve their sport.  Yoga fosters an innate sense of well-being, so your teen will be more likely to make decisions that will benefit his body and mind.

Family yoga is great for mom and dad.  There is no better way to battle the stresses of raising children, balancing work and family, and facing financial and physical struggles than through yoga.  Yoga helps fight insomnia, boosts the immune system, and is the best stress-fighter out there.  Deep breathing techniques calm and sharpen the mind, so that productivity is enhanced and lethargy is conquered.  Men should not be fooled into believing yoga is just for women.  Yoga complements weight lifting, and helps to alleviate the stress put on the joints through activities like jogging.  It also reduces the risk of stroke and heart attack by lowering stress levels and hormones within the body.

Pregnant women should fully engage in family yoga, making sure their instructor knows, of course, that they are with child!  Yoga can help ease the many aches and pains caused by pregnancy, and can also strengthen and stretch the muscles used during labor and delivery, making childbirth an easier, less painful process.

Finally, don’t forget that grandma and grandpa can also benefit from family yoga sessions.  Yoga restores energy and vitality in those who have been weakened by old age.  It increases mobility, fights arthritis, improves circulation, and helps fight off memory loss.

There is most likely no other physical and mental activity that incorporates the entire family as well as yoga does.  Keep your family strong, healthy, and happy.  Participate in family yoga!

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