Another chance to experince the Guided World Peace Meditation!

This is a classic we originally released in October 2010, but we think you’ll agree, if you have a listen, it’s even more relevant now as we enter a time where more and more people are turning towards solutions for peace.  Please share this on for everybody to sample a little ten minutes of hopeful and peaceful communities.  Our meditation guide is theta healer, yoga teacher, Sarsha Hope.

In English with Spanish transcript below.

With everything going on in the world I thought putting the intention out there of peace is going to help.  Sending good intention to others can help .

Listen along with the video below it will also help you be more a peace with yourself.

Sarsha at Sacred Movement and Nadi Wellness created the guided meditation and I made the positive visualisations video below for it .  It is relaxing give it ago.

You can also view the World Peace Meditation here on YT

Spanish TranslationKindly provided by Marivi




Empecemos por colocarnos en posición de  meditación, crucemos las piernas, coloquemos nuestras palmas hacia arriba sobre las rodillas, sentados sobre una sabana doblada o un apoyo, con la columna recta. Si esto es incomodo para usted, puede sentarse en una silla o en el suelo, siempre con la espalda recta.   Concéntrese en su respiración, haciendo cada inhalación despacio y profunda, trate que sus inhalaciones sean silenciosas y las exhalaciones también. Ahora se enfoca en su respiración y su mente se empresa a maravillar. Usted está en meditación, ahora retome su respiración.  Ahora concéntrese en el centro de su corazón, no en el corazón físico sino en el chacra, en el centro del pecho. Ahora imagine un botón de rosa color rosada en él, el botón empieza a abrirse lentamente, a lo largo de cada respiración el botón se va abriendo e irradia su belleza al mundo. Esta rosa simboliza AMOR, PAZ Y ESPERANZA. Así con cada respiración, usted empieza a sentir su pecho lleno con los sentimientos de AMOR, PAZ Y ESPERANZA.

AMOR, PAZ Y ESPERANZA, sentimientos que usted irradia desde su corazón hacia cada parte de su cuerpo, su cabeza, su cuerpo, piernas y pies. Ahora su ser completo está lleno de los sentimientos de AMOR, PAZ Y ESPERANZA, que irradia desde el centro de su corazón. Ahora usted empieza a irradiar esos sentimientos hacia el exterior de su cuerpo, la habitación donde se encuentra. Luego esos sentimientos que parten del centro de su corazón: AMOR, PAZ Y ESPERANZA, son irradiados hacia todos los espacios de la casa o edificio donde se encuentra. Luego usted siente que puede expandir esos sentimientos hacia la comunidad en que vive, luego irradia los sentimientos de AMOR, PAZ Y ESPERANZA, hacia su ciudad completa. Luego irradia los sentimientos de AMOR, PAZ Y ESPERANZA, a su alrededor, su comunidad, su ciudad y después a todo su país.   Imagine que ve con su tercer ojo su ciudad completa llena de los sentimientos de AMOR, PAZ Y ESPERANZA, luego imagine que ve con su tercer ojo su país completo lleno de los sentimientos de AMOR, PAZ Y ESPERANZA. Ahora imagine el hemisferio norte o sur (dependiendo su ubicación) lleno de los sentimientos de AMOR, PAZ Y ESPERANZA, irradiados desde el centro de su corazón, su alrededor, su casa, su comunidad, su ciudad, su país, su hemisferio, su continente. Ahora imagine que ve con su tercer ojo que irradia esos sentimientos de AMOR, PAZ Y ESPERANZA al mundo entero. Imagínese usted en el espacio exterior viendo a la Tierra, véala repleta de AMOR, PAZ Y ESPERANZA, los cuales provienen desde el centro de su corazón.

Ahora despacio empieza a regresar esa energía desde la Tierra, al hemisferio, a su país, a la ciudad donde vive, a la comunidad, retornando a su casa, a la habitación o espacio en que se encuentra, a la energía del centro de su corazón, los sentimientos de AMOR, PAZ Y ESPERANZA regresan a su cuerpo y regresan al centro de su corazón. Regresan a la bella rosa que simboliza AMOR, PAZ Y ESPERANZA.  Sabiendo que esta rosa simboliza e irradia los sentimientos de AMOR, PAZ Y ESPERANZA a cada ser, a cada país y al mundo entero.  Retorne a su respiración ahora, concéntrese en sus inhalaciones, ahora abra lentamente sus ojos y sienta esos sentimientos.  Sabiendo que usted puede tener los sentimientos de AMOR, PAZ Y ESPERANZA en su vida.



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  1. Dear Sarsha and AL

    It is a pleasure to vote for you. I would like to express my sincere gratitude for this inspiring vedio. Keep up the great efforts you exert to spread Peace through all over the world Iam absolutely sure that will help lots of mikserable people on this Earth.

    Thank you again and honestly you deserve Noble Prize for your inexhuastible work and spreading peace everywhere. I do support you by all your means

    In Love and Peace


  2. Lovely, so beautiful, so relaxing.

  3. Beautifully done with a noble cause. Waiting for more.

  4. thankyou for the beautiful meditation, every time I see a rose I will think of peace, love, hope. namaste

  5. Perfect and beautiful video. Namaste.

  6. El video creo que esta bien pero hay un problema no se hablar inglés si fueran tan amables de editarlo en español se los agradeceria.

  7. Wow ! You must be healthier and have sound thought for your life and your project after the relaxation.It helps much for a better life! Try more.OK.

  8. Thank you – what a joy. Energising and beautiful.

  9. somebody can help me about neck pain whit yoga my love have problem about neck and sholders pain for 18 years

  10. My question is I’m a financial counselor for Winthrop University Hospital in New York working closely with all types of cancer patients. I find that most are under a lot of stress due to their financial status and medical condition I would like to help our cancer patients relax by showing them MENTATION with yoga and all that Yoga has to offer. I think this will be a great way to help build relaxation in our patients after receiving their treatment, giving them the inter strength on their way to a speedy recovery. Please note anything you can offer or advise like; foundations, donating DVD’S, discounted DVD’S, will be greatly appreciated. Please advise?

  11. Al and Shasa,
    Thank you for peace video. Hope everybody thinks and practices that way to make it a world of harmony.

  12. Dear Sarsha and AL!

    Thank you so much for a wonderful experience you have created. I’ll definitely share it with my friends!

    Warmest regards,

  13. What a beautiful meditation. Thank you for posting. You have my vote. Love and Peace to you and to all.


  14. Dear Sarsha,

    Thank for giving us a good and fortune video, which will go in the process of harmony throughout our planet and mainly peace and love within us.

    This will give me very relax mind and do my work happily.

    with love,


  15. Dear Al and Sarsha,

    Thank so much for sharing love and peace. So relaxing, I really want to share it to all in my heart. You will deserve my vote.


  16. Thanks a lot for this nice meditation, that will help to bring some peace and love to the world

  17. Beautiful, peaceful, relaxing!
    Thank you both very much for sharing this meditation!

  18. Dear Sarsha
    How can I play the vedio.There’s nothing when I click the IT adress.

  19. Dear Al and Sarsha
    Thank you for sharing.I can’t play the vedio.would you like to tell me how to operate.


    • HI Ding I think you are behind the Great Firewall of China so you are ” banned” as this if served off You Tube I cannot help with this .

  20. What a pity.Youtube has been off for many years on my computer.before you tell me about the Great Firewall,I don’t know why it is off.

  21. tutti dovrebbero provare per poi trovare la pace dei sensi ottimo provate troverete la pace dell’anima

  22. dear sharsa and al done a good job and is very fine thje voice is pulling us sit with u best wishes by vu2 rpc ham

  23. I m not able to hear the voice properly. Its very loud more than the music.

  24. Wonderful ..thanks a lot for posting a good informitive blog

  25. Perfect and beautiful video…!!! Namaste.

  26. Dear Al, this is Amazing, beautiful and is very important to share with every people as possible. Maybe I can help you translating into other languages. I studied portugues, spanish and italian too. Let me know it.

  27. Dear Sarsha and Al,

    First and formost I must say how beauitful this meditation is! I’ve been pratcting yoga for some time now, but I’ve simply failed to come across this video until today. I am grateful that I found it, or rather, that it found me.

    I was easily able to see the lotus flower within my heart center. And with each breath, it blossomed. Upon going even further into the meditation, with my mind’s eye, I was able to see the words ‘Love, Peace and Hope’ written on every petal.

    It was then that I realized I had always carried this flower within my heart. I had simply forgotten how to make it bloom. Thank-you, thank-you, for sharing this important message with us!


  28. This is certainly the third article, of your
    site I really went through. And yet I love this one, “- World Peace Meditation” the very best.
    Take care ,Brigitte

  29. WOW this is amazing with amazing guided auido and visualisations, plus inspiring music.