Will Skipping Meals Reduce My Weight?


Here’s 3 Approaches To The Ageless Question For Women

Whenever we ponder at the question of weight loss this statement does creep into our minds. Will skipping meals reduce my weight? The answer is no. All the research points to the fact that a healthy reduction of weight does not depend on skipping meal or starvation instead it can lead to condition like anorexia or obesity. Both these conditions are opposite to each other, the former leading extreme weight loss while the latter leading to weight gain.

We list out three solid reasons which speak against skipping meals.

1. Leads To Pregnancy Issues:

If you are pregnant and suffering with eating disorder then you may suffer from miscarriage. Eating disorders affect fertility by reducing your chances of conceiving. Most women with anorexia do not have menstrual cycles and approximately 50 percent of women struggling with Bulmia do not have menstrual cycles. So women who do not have menstrual cycles can have problem in conceiving. Menstruation does not happen in women with eating disorders because of lesser calorie intake, excessive exercise and physiological stress.

Women who suffer from Anorexia Bulimia will gain unwanted weight which puts them at a risk of developing hypertension. Problems like post partum depression and breast feeding issues develop with patient suffering from eating disorders. The laxatives, diuretics taken during the pregnancy can take the nutrition away from foetus and cause foetal abnormalities.

Suffering from an eating disorder during pregnancy is called pregorexia. This condition can damage the baby, hampering the developmental process. Not only this, a baby born out of pregorexia can battle mental issues during early childhood. Whatever you eat affects the unborn baby. A good diet is therefore recommended by doctors.

2. Causes Anorexia & Obesity:

According to studies it has been observed that people who stop eating food for fear of putting on weight develop this disorder. The point being the weight reduction you get from eating or starving makes your body weak resulting in dehydration, low blood count, and osteoporosis.  Though the behaviour is said to be common among teens, adults too suffer from it. There are two types of these conditions:

Anorexia Nervosa

The other extreme disorder which you can suffer from is obesity. Starving can make you crave for more food and you will end up binging on unhealthy foods. These unhealthy food will make you put on weight faster and your efforts for losing it goes waste. The American Journal of Epidemiology found that people who skip breakfast were 4.5 times more likely to be obese. Your metabolism slows down and you are more likely to overeat later in the day.

Bulimia Nervosa

3. A Moderate diet is necessary

Skipping all your meals together can leave you starving and weak. It’s best to be on a moderate diet to reach your weight loss target. Skipping meals can appear to be a tempting mode to lose weight faster but remember it can make you hungrier or worse weak. Skipping meals regularly reduce the rate of metabolism and slow down day to day body functions. It’s better to follow a moderate diet plan which is low on high calories. Following a diet for weight loss is not a bad idea. The diet will help you feel lighter in seven days and provide you with all the ingredients. The diet involves the usual ingredients like fruits and milk but the individual see a fall in weight within a week.

Now that you know the pitfalls of skipping meals, for whichever reasons you consider important, don’t let this misconception deter you from becoming fit and fine!

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