Top 3 Reasons Yoga Rocks For Introverts


The Introverted Yogi

I am a quiet-natured person. I don’t mind being social, but too much time around too many people leaves me feeling drained. In contrast, I find long periods of solitude refreshing and invigorating. Some say that makes me an introvert, which is defined as a person who finds energy through time alone.

So naturally, crowded, sweaty gyms and group fitness classes are not ideal environments when it comes to yoga or working out. Introversion aside, I think most people have felt self-conscious at the gym at some time or another. Stretching and exercising can feel awkward when you think people might be looking, so it’s great to have another physical option for when you’re not really digging the social scene.

Here are 3 reasons solitary yoga is my go-to exercise when I’m craving some “me time.”

  1. The Meditative Aspect- Introverts tend to be very introspective people. Yoga allows quiet concentration and mindfulness as well as general meditation during Savasana. While focus on the breath is recommended, yoga is a good time to let your mind wander and reflect on your life. I’ve had many personal revelations while doing yoga alone, and the quiet atmosphere helps creative ideas start to flow.
  1. Portability- You can literally do yoga anywhere—in a quiet corner of your own home or in an open field at sunrise. The point is, you choose the scenery that fits your mood. Yoga can be easily learned and memorized through video instruction, so there is no need to attend a class full of people. You can start by watching videos of an instructor on your smart phone, and after a few sessions, you’ll be able to do it from memory.
  1. Variety of Style- Many introverts are also “highly sensitive” people, meaning we become overstimulated easily. Yoga is a versatile sport, in that there are many different methods of practice which offer different levels of intensity. You can choose Vinyasa if you want to work up some heat and energy, or Restorative if you are looking for healing and relaxation. Pick a style that fits your mood and just go with the flow!

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Yoga in 30 Minutes

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