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How to Store Mental Energies & Channel Them to Fight Off Negativity

It’s a warm and pleasant sunny day. You had a great breakfast with your spouse and kids before heading to office. There’s a special client meeting awaiting your presentation that you have been working for last couple of days.  You are quite sure it will definitely blow the mind of everybody present. All excited, charged up and basking in the anticipation for all the promotion doors to open for you in no time.

Enter the meeting, and HORROR, the colleague who happens to be your close family friend as well, stabs the dagger at your back, wrecking the presentation. Instantly, you can feel all the blood rushing to your face and head. And the only thought that’s being played on in your mind like a song stuck in the loop is, “I want to kill this person; right here, right now.” With the clenched fists and a tight jaw, you swear vengeance.

Okay, that could be extreme for some!  If not this, we often face situations which leave similar effects on our thoughts, such as internally raging at the spouse ‘its his.her fault that i don’t have time for myself’, or irritation with people in front of the cue ‘cant they hurry up!’!

A yogi chooses their reaction

The moment you start feeling the blood in your face and head, you realize the huge source of mental energy that has just taken its form inside your body and trying to come out from its trapped condition. What do you do? You start channeling the same energy towards creating something beautiful instead of letting it turn itself into a destructive force.

A quick lesson in how thoughts manifest in the body

A human being or a human entity is made up of 5 primary koshas or sheaths -

  1. Annamaya kosha – gross physical body – muscles, skeleton, organs etc.
  2. Pranamaya kosha  - vital force - breath, prana
  3. Manomaya kosha – lower mental and emotional – thoughts, instinct
  4. Vijnanamaya kosha – higher mental – intuition and deep wisdom
  5. Anandamaya kosha – bliss body – oneness.

When something bothers us or hurt us, the first kosha it affects is pranamaya kosha as our breathing goes faster. It also blocks the balanced flow of the energy of annamaya or your tangible body creating clenched jaw, tight shoulders etc.   Over time it builds up an accumulated energy source of toxic elements inside such as anger, resentment, jealousy, vengeance, fear.  If you look closely, you can actually feel different physical sensations related to your emotions.  Such as a fire in your heart when angry; butterflies in your tummy when excited; icy poles through your torso when sad, effervescent bubbles all over when happy.  Yes, don’t worry, positive emotions have their own effects too!

Eventually, negative toxic energy starts playing its game and casts a spell on the manomaya kosha (mindand thoughts) before hitting the vijnanamaya kosha (higher intellect). Overtime, the effect on the monomaya kosha can be repeated patterns of negative thought, that become habitual and prevalent.  As it hits the fourth kosha of intellect, it clouds the the energy here, stunting your innate judgment, wisdom and intuition.  An overwhelming power of habitual negative thoughts makes the mind fall prey to the temptation of letting the unhelpful energy burst out in form of violence, abuse, self-harm, tears etc.

So, how to channel such negativity ? This step by step guide will help you to notice the thoughts and emotions of monomaya kosha, at the annamaya level (body).  By allowing the emotions to physically express themselves without words and thoughts trapping them, we prevent the build up of energy that can be so easily triggered if allowed to accumulate.

Practice this when you can,smaller irritations at first, and then it will become easier to use during bigger challenges.

Recipe One - Allow emotions to express physically

  1. Figure out your current emotion. Name it eg, anger, sadness, lonely.

  2. Notice the story in your head…the thoughts that are playing.  And then choose to let the story go, by:

  3. Locate the spot in your body where the energy is rising up. Stomach, throat, feet etc. Is it big, small, intense, gentle, have a colour, hot, cold, dense, light, tense, spacious, constant, changing?

  4. Feel the sensations in that body part with all your curiosity.  Keep watching the physical energy of emotions.

  5. Notice that the story keeps wanting to play in your head.  Come away from thought and back to sensations.

  6. Breathe into the sensation. If its too solid to breathe into it, then can you breathe a channel through it?

  7. Keep watching the sensation, for as long as you’ve got, or until it dissipates.  (it could get stronger to start with!).

  8. The anger does not look much angry now.  You can breathe.

  9. You are in meditation, the inner you is at peace now.  The world looks beautiful!

Recipe 2 - Express Route to calm:

  1. Figure out your current emotion. Name it eg, anger, sadness, lonely.

  2. Notice the story in your head…the thoughts that are playing.  And then choose to let the story go, by

  3. Concentrate on your breath.  Notice its depth and speed.  Is it in the belly, the chest, the shoulders?

  4. Loosen up the fists and the jaw.. Soothe the breath by consciously lengthening the exhalation and inhalation. Count 4 each way.  Use the Whole lungs.

  5. Now, your breathing is lighter and in rhythm, and you are feeling better.

Whether you try recipe one or two, you realize that person/situation/thing does not have any power over yourself any more.

After all, we all have got such a short time on earth. Why wasting your valuable time on people or things who/which are too insignificant to disturb your well-being? Having said that all, you cannot achieve this power over your mind, body and soul overnight. Start practicing it today and then slowly make your way towards reaching that ultimate blissful state of mind. Fight off negativity of mind with Yoga and feel at peace with yourself forever.

Yogasync Me:  Practice this and you will clear out toxins from the lungs, blood and mind:  You’ll activate your deepest intuition and clarity and peace.

Teach me to breathe like a yogi



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