The Major Reason You’re Not Getting The Best Out of Your Yoga – It’s not what you think


Why You Should Practice Hatha Yoga on an Empty Stomach

“Should I do yoga in empty stomach?” “Is it mandatory to clear my stomach before I go to yoga class?” This is one question that I hear a lot, mostly from people who practice Hatha yoga. To answer it, first, we must understand the vital role our digestion system plays in making our yoga sessions successful. According to the ancient Indian system, Ayurveda, the first step in treating any ailment whether serious or mild, is to clean the colon. But there are certain foods like dairy products or non-vegetarian items which take longer time to digest, hence, remain in the colon for a prolonged period of time.

A Smart Reason Be Meatless

Therefore, this cleaning-your-colon becomes easier for those who follow a strict vegetarian diet. Are you wondering what this fuss is all about? Actually, yoga is the practice of moving your untapped energies upward by reconstructing your overall system. Point to note is that here ‘system’ means your body and only your body, and no foreign objects. So all the waste materials your colon holding inside your system is not a part of your system as we are already denoting them as “waste.” Hence, you need to get your system rid of every unwanted object in order to harness the goodness of Hatha yoga.

Now, coming to the empty-stomach part – is it possible to clean your colon without emptying your stomach? No. So the procedure of cleaning your system shall start with emptying your stomach to the colon and then cleaning the colon in due time. This is why it is advised to leave a gap of around 10-12 hours between your last food intake time i.e. meal time and the time you start practicing yoga. This gap allows your body to digest the food items and pass on the waste to colon. And, exactly, this is the reason why all the yoga experts recommend morning yoga as when you wake up in the morning, the stomach is automatically empty and as you empty your bowels, your system becomes perfect.

What Everybody Ought To Try

So try to schedule your yoga classes in the early morning to maximize the benefits. For that you need to finish your last meal or dinner as early as you can, so your body can get the required 12 hours gap to cleanse the system. Now, there are those who are devoted Hatha yoga practitioners and their usual yoga sessions stretch between 4 to 5 hours. Is it possible or healthy for them to stay so long in empty stomach while doing such rigorous physical exercises?

Yoga guidebooks have answers for them too. Going by the suggestions made by the ancient Indian sages, one can consume water while practicing yoga as water is considered to be the purest edible item on earth. Hence it does no harm to the system, nor does it create any obstacles. But the water should not be cold as otherwise your body has to waste energy in heating up the water. So, it is advised to have lukewarm water laced with a spoon or two of organic honey.

Follow these simple steps and step towards a blissful life of health and happiness. Or else, there is no difference between doing yoga and trying out some tough postures.

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