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Yogasync Review: Intuitive Yoga Sequencer

I have reviewed all sorts of Yogasyncs, from existing syncs listed on the site to my own creations based on my mood or areas I wanted to focus on. Sometimes creating your own Yogasync is difficult whether you’re not sure what kind of poses to add or you’re not familiar with how to order your poses. Luckily, the Easy YogaBuilder has a fantastic feature that can help you out.

All you need is an idea of one pose or type of pose you want to do, or start with or at least an area you want to focus on. For this particular exercise, I chose to start with a Standing Side Stretch. This basic movement is one of my favorites, and one that always has me feeling rejuvenated.

When I located and clicked on this movement in the Easy YogaBuilder,  several suggestions came up in the pop up description box labeled “Preceding” and “Proceeding.” Next to each of the “Preceding” movements, there is an option to “Add Before” and to preview the pose, and likewise each “Proceeding” movement has a preview and an “Add After” option. By previewing these poses, you can form an entire sync by simply adding on suggested movements.

This is how I created my latest Yogasync, Side Stretch with Add Ons. However instead of using one pose to form an entire sync, I chose a few myself and then added on suggestions from each to complete my sync.

Read on for more on this process and a review on how each pose addition fared when first practicing this sync:

Revolved Arm Pose
This movement was an option to add before the Standing Side Stretch. It was a perfect pose to not only start my sync off with but also flowed seamlessly into the side stretch. The movements are very similar and by revolving my arms, I was prepared for the rest of my practice and stretches.

The following three poses were suggestions to “Add After” the Standing Side Stretch:

Half Revolved Head to Knee Pose
I thought that maybe most of the suggested proceeding poses would be standing, but I was surprised to see this movement, one that I wasn’t familiar with. It looked interesting so I decided to add it on, and glad that I did! This may be one of my new favorite poses. It seems simple, but really gives you a great stretch all over your body, from your legs to your back and even your arms and neck. I’m glad it was suggested because now I will be adding it to more and more syncs in the future!

Half Extended Lateral Angle Pose
This was the second pose I chose to add after the side stretch. I love any pose that involves a high, outstretched arm creating a continuous line along the entire side body. The vocal guidance in this movement is great as well giving a step by step checklist of sorts for your entire body.

Warrior 2
I hesitated to add Warrior 2 in this sync as I wanted to try some new and different movements but I went along with the suggestion and am glad I did. It was nice to have a familiar pose nestled into this sync that also went along well with previous movements.

Warrior 3
An obvious “Add After” suggestion for Warrior 2, I am always up for giving this basic yet challenging pose a try. The more I practice at this pose, the better I get! A great balancing movement that really involves leg strengthening.

Revolved Triangle Pose
Suggested to be added after Warrior 3, this pose, which I needed blocks for, seems simple at first sight. However, as the hands are placed on the outside of the front foot, this can create some discomfort. I needed to add a block when performing this movement which helped me keep correct posture and feeling the stretching and strengthening benefits.

Standing Wide Legged Pose
This unconventional pose was suggested to be placed after Revolved Triangle and thought it would spice my sync up! I can never quite get my head to touch the floor, so I use a block to help. You can really feel the blood flowing to your head which results in a calm and clear mind.

Forward Facing Hero Pose
I was ready to wind down my sync, so I selected Meditative in the YogaBuilder. This movement caught my eye as a relaxing pose that also offers a great stretch.

Boat Pose Legs Straight
I was surprised but delighted to see this as suggestion to add after Hero Pose. One of my favorite core strengthening poses, I thought this would be a great final movement before Savasana.

Short Relaxation
I thought I would have to manually add in a final relaxation pose, but was happy to find this one as a suggestion to add after Boat Pose. I think it’s always important to end practice this way even if it is only a few minutes to reflect on how the mind, body and spirit are feeling after a good yoga session.

I was pleased with how this sync turned out. Using the add on feature is helpful and enabled me to discover some new poses, remind me of some old favorites, and create a complete and well-flowing sync.

Yogasync me! Try this DIY sequence yourself or create your own sync out of the “Add Before” and “Add After” feature and share your experience!

Side Stretch with Add Ons

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