The best remedy for glowing skin is none other than bone broth


Bone broth is basically hydrolyzed collagen. It will help to tighten the collagen, nourish the skin, and keep it glowing. Actually cellulite is as much due to flabby malnourished skin collagen as it is with excess fat. Lots of bone broth will basically make cellulite disappear. It can also reverse arthritis, as it is the best thing for your joints. 

When cooking at home became pathologized decades ago, in sync with a social revaluation in favor of earning money and consuming corporate garbage, sadly bone broth was perhaps the first to go. I seem to have gone counter to western movements by placing myself in the kitchen for so much of my life. However now I have skills that go beyond what any institution has to offer and I am very grateful, that I get the divine joy of receiving the energetic feedback from giving such a nourishing sensual experience. 

“Nourishing Broth” by Sally Fallon is an excellent and newly printed book I highly recommend to learn more about it.


I basically gently simmer (a rolling boil will abruptly break amino acid chains and create a “muddy” broth, while gently simmering will yield a clear broth) the bones, or chicken carcass for a minimum of several hours, and usually about 20 hours for beef bones.

If your batch is large enough and your timing suits, you could turn off the heat when you go to bed and turn it on in the morning when you rise. It shouldn’t be in a temp. “danger zone” for that period, unless you sleep like 9+ hours. Plus, you’ll heat it up to boiling point afterwards anyway. That way you get more “hot” time to extract the minerals and collagen.

Bird bones don’t need as much time, so you could do the chicken within one day pretty well. The bones don’t need to be roasted first; that only gives the “caramelization” flavors of roasting, but also may damage the integrity of the fats and proteins attached. I almost never roast my bones first. Herbs, spices, and veggies can make it taste outstanding.

I usually use distilled water, which is slightly acidic, around pH of 6.0. RO water is a little acidic too I think. Otherwise, you can use vinegar to drop the pH, which will extract more minerals out of the bones. In a large pot I put in a few onions, (also acidic pH), a few stalks of celery, a few carrots, a couple of bay leaves, some thyme, black pepper, and a dash of turmeric.

Once done simmering you can herb and spice it up as you like (coriander, cumin, fenugreek seed and leaf, chilies, garlic, cilantro, parsley, etc.) and serve it up as is, with little bones and bits everywhere, or you can strain the liquid out and use that. Salting it is fine, but be conscious that the liquid will reduce a lot and you don’t want it to become too salty. I usually salt (Celtic sea salt) it towards the end.

You could use it as a base for soups that you could just warm up for a few nights at least.  Or as a stock for cooking veggies and meats and beans and pulses.

Many bases get covered with this in your diet, and even more if you make something really holistic with it.

I hope your chicken broth turns out well! Let me know how it is!

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