Shoulder Energetics In Relation to Yoga and Life

Everyone holds some sort of tension in their shoulders,  this is what happens from general life activities  and yoga is a great way to work stress and tension out of the shoulders,  if and that’s a big IF  you understand how your shoulders are working. Yoga, believe it or not can actually create more tension and shoulder issues if you are not mindful about which direction that the shoulder muscles, bones and ligaments are moving. (Shoulder Energetics) I see it all the time in Yoga Classes, Headstands are a great one for people losing mindfulness around the shoulders, its not cool and can cause all sorts of neck problems and there is the standing poses, like the warrior when a bit of fatigue sets in. The shoulders just cave in and go back to the old patterns.

Check out the below video for some ideas that could be helpful for you to take into your next month of yoga classes. You might be surprised how this information might free the mind

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  1. Thkq for the sharing of the video. Is short but very simply to understand. Very clear demo on the arrow been draw. Namaste.

  2. Really nice reminder of awareness in the shoulder… Thank you so much!

  3. Thanks a lot for this post.
    I wish you Sucess Always.

  4. Thanks you so much.