My top five tips for staying true to your health all year round


It’s not just Christmas, Easter and Thanksgiving that everyone goes a bit nuts with their health.  We take a mid-winter holiday, ahve a Birthday. or catch up with friends and family, even business trips can do it.  All the great resolutions and habits you put in place at home somehow fall by the wayside. What boggles me is that a holiday is a treat!  And as such shouldn’t we be treating our bodies in a way that loves and nourishes them?  If you think all you can eat buffet and bar for seven days is a ‘treat’, think again.

If you really want to feel healthy; if you really want to feel energized and in command of your own life; then you’ll just have to be different.  Yes, it means feeling like you’re being awkward at restaurants asking for grilled not battered fish, yes it means leaving the party early because it’s not that fun to hang around with drunk people (besides, sleep brings its own benefits!); yes it means taking your own gluten free bread and supplements everywhere you go!

Here are my top five tips for how to feel like a vibrant Warrioress when you get back from holiday:

1 – Remind yourself why you are creating these healthful habits. 

Come up with three reasons, go a little deeper than ‘lose weight’ and write them down in your travel journal, which you will take with you.  E.g., I am committed to gluten free as I want to have a regular and predictable digestion, therefore ill carry GF snacks with me.  Or I am committed to limiting refined sugars like those in alcohol and cakes because I feel so great in my skin when I am not bloated and stressed out with sugar overload.

2 – Listen out for what you don’t want, and tell me what you do want

If you have a food binge on holiday, or miss your morning meditation (when you could have chosen otherwise) and give yourself a hard time about it, here’s what to do.  Your story is “gahh why did I do that, I shoulda, woulda coulda….i don’t want to have gut pain/anxiety! “  STOP IT!  STOP IT NOW!  What do you want?  ‘I want to make a wiser choice next time because it helps me be happy”. “I want to be drawn to fruits and veggies next time’.  “I want to be more relaxed around the kids” You get it.  Every time you stumble upon a don’t/cant/shhoulda/woulda/coulda….replace with what you do want and let the past go.

3 – Be aware of your menstrual cycle

Yes girls, you take it on holiday with you too.  If you are in the week before menstruation or bleeding while you are away, then your energy may be lower.  Please don’t force yourself to do an eight hour hike or socialize heavily with new people, if you don’t feel like it. Accept that at these times, we tend to go more inward, less social, less energy.  It’s a great time for watching the scenery pass by on a river cruise, reading books in the shade, gentle walks and yoga in stunning landscapes.

4 – Take your supplements with you or buy as soon as you arrive

My top takes would have to be Vitamin C 1000mg a day and Fish Oils 2000mg a day.  Vitamin C increases your immunity, reduces your stress hormones, helps regulate menstrual cycles and PMS, and is an antioxidant.  It will protect you from bugs on planes and help your body clear any toxicity absorbed through your gut, skin or respiratory system.  Fish oils also help your body cope with stress reduce inflammation and increase your lean body mass.  I’ve never had any supplements taken out of my luggage at airports.  That being said, if your supplements are very expensive or you have anxiety about carrying non prescribed pills, then purchase when you arrive.

5 – Don’t forget to breathe and stretch

Travelling is a perfect time to instill any habits that you’d like to continue when you get home.  Breaking out of the everyday structure allows us to do more helpful things!  Take at least five minutes every day to do some deep yogic breathing.  If you’re not sure how then check it out here. 

Stretching eases out the tension of normal life and long travels. Do a yoga pose a day.  Here’s a gentle one that anyone can do and is great for easing backache.

Dont let yourself down while your away, get inspiration from the yoga poses in this sequence.  It was made for women coming up to and during their monthly bleed:

Winter Yin Practice

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