Improve Your Golf Game With These Yoga Poses


Golf and Yoga have more in common than you think!

Golf and yoga aren’t activities that often mix. Certainly, there are plenty of people who would say neither activity is intense enough to be a “real sport.” Of course, both activities are practiced by millions of people and the markets for equipment for both of these popular activities represent multi-million dollar industries. Any person who practices either discipline knows that they are for real.

So it’s obvious that golf and yoga have lots of things in common, and it’s time to look at how yoga can help your golf game in a lot of ways. For now, we’ll just look at a couple of key yoga poses that will take up maybe two minutes of your time each day and can seriously help your golf game in various ways.

These two poses to help your golf game

Two of the most basic yoga poses, Triangle (Trikonasana) and Revolved Triangle (Parivrtta Trikonasana), are a typical part of many basic yoga classes and routines. Basic, online yoga routines from usually include these poses so you can learn them from the privacy of your home if you can’t make it to class. Online classes also allow you the luxury of stopping to replay part of a pose demo. You can also practice with your golfing buddies who may not feel inclined to go to yoga. Of course, you may start to compliment your online practice with some classes once you start to feel yoga’s benefits.

Diagnose which body parts are tight and which muscles are uneven with Triangle Pose

Triangle also helps you even out the length of muscles on either side of your body. As you tilt into triangle, you’ll know right away if your sides are tight, and especially if one side is tighter than the other. If you’ve ever strained an intercostal muscle (the muscles between your ribs), it can be quite a drag on your game.

We don’t even need to start discussing what happens to you if you strain your lower back your best golf prospect will be to anchor the beer cart while you wait weeks for it to heal. In triangle, you gently find the tight spots and stretch them carefully and slowly to prevent injuries before they happen. After all, the beer tastes just as good on the fairway and on the green!

Deepen you stretches with Revolved Triangle pose

Revolved triangle intensifies the stretching and helps you develop mobility across the whole body. This basic pose is one of the most challenging in the way that it stretches every muscle in the body from head to toe. Equally important is that you are very conscious of your movement as you rotate your torso into the pose. It also provides an excellent stretch for your shoulders, and that’s key for you golf swing.

Like all yoga poses, these two poses will help you develop the metal focus on the mat that will improve your concentration on the green. Many ball players and hockey players now do yoga, so why not golfers as well?

Yogasync me! Want to learn more yoga poses that will help you improve your golf game? This sync will help lengthen your spine and open your shoulders:

Yoga for Golf

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