Six Poses that promise to Rev Metabolism.


Here’s Annette Young’s original article about the six poses.  You can find the instructed sequence at

Here’s my review of the poses and the instruction at Yogasync.

Pick What’s Right for You

Yogasync, and online yoga classes in general, are great when you want to focus on a certain area or attribute, like abs, strength, or the like. However there are some times when you’re not really sure what you want to focus on during your practice. This happened to me when I logged into Yogasync and came across Six Poses To Rev Up Your Metabolism. This 30 minute sync fit right into my morning routine and thought although it looked different was worth a shot.

Before I started, I had a bit of a hectic morning which doesn’t always bode well for yoga. My usual space was slightly cluttered so I relocated to a more peaceful, however smaller space. I may have been mentally distracted but physically I was feeling pretty good and ready to try some new yoga poses!

How They Worked For Me:

1. Cat and Dog Tilt

This sync started off with a very familiar pose. Cat and dog is known for being a great movement for metabolism. It’s a nice pose to start any practice with because it helps you get into the zone and focus on your breathing going forward.

2. Half Bridge Pose on a Block

I’ve performed various bridge poses before, but not this one specifically. Getting the block at the right spot took a bit of time, but once I got in the correct position and it felt comfortable I felt a great stretch in my back. I definitely want to try this one again to perfect it!

3. Supported Plough Pose

I cannot stress the importance of having proper props when practicing yoga. This pose requires a chair and the one depicted in the video is an average folding chair. I used a stool instead which I think was too low to the ground. I found myself being slightly short of breath with how this pose has the head and neck positioned. This may not happen if my chair were taller, so I’d like to try it again and see if it improves.  Lesson?  Use a chair the correct height!

4. Extended Fish Pose

This is another pose that I hadn’t done before. It’s a somewhat relaxing pose that really enables you to focus on breathing. Even though the movement is minimal, it gives you a full body stretch that I could feel from my toes to the top of my head!

5. Head to Knee Pose with a Strap

This is a classic pose used in many a restoration class. Bending one foot into the other leg is a great stretch by itself, but by adding leaning in forward with the strap, I really felt a great stretch especially in my legs. I did notice a brief strain begin in my neck and upper back so keeping everything aligned was something I needed to keep checking in with.

6. Legs Up the Wall Slide in Bolster

The space I was practicing in was smaller than my usual yoga area; I also didn’t have much wall space, so this pose was rather difficult to achieve. But I did the best I could and once I got my legs up on what wall I had to work with, I did enjoy staying in this relaxing position for an extended period of time, focusing on my breath and quieting my thoughts.

Comeplete you Yogasync with a six and a half minute Savasana. I always enjoy ending my practice with this ultimate relaxation pose. It helps me to ease back into real life with a clear head and appreciation for the movements my body just performed.

I had some limitations around props and surroundings, a few of these involved poses took me out of the zone so to speak. However, I did enjoy learning some new movements and feeling the physical and mental benefits. I would love to try this sync again with a more yoga friendly space with plenty of room, proper equipment, and ample wall space!

Have you tried this Yogasync? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Yogasync Me!  Try it for yourself now! 

Yoga to Rev Metabolism

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