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Pranayama is a word made with two Sanskrit words PRAN + AAYAM.

PRAN means vital energy & AAYAM means to extend or draw out breath.

There are many varieties of Pranayama, or using a more simple western term; breathing exercises, and it will take some time to develop the technique(s) involved.  These breathing exercises can be done in a prone or sitting position.

In our daily routine there are many things that influence our breath, from physical movement, speech, temperature, emotions, food consumption etc. that we are totally   unaware of at the time, these factors cause our breath to be random and maybe even erratic. By focusing on our breath through Pranayama you develop a beneficial rhythm, an increased capacity and quality that create an energy and calmness of mind.

Threading a needle is a simple example of breathing and mind control; as you prepare to put the thread through the hole, for that moment you hold your breath and all thoughts stop and there is a single focus. This shows how our breath and thoughts are connected.

Four ways to strength, energy and vitality

There are many different techniques when it comes to Pranayama, here are just a few:

1)      A simple deep breathing , of rhythmic inhalations and exhalations.  Great for Beginners, preparing the lungs for other techniques, and soothing the nervous system.

2)      Sometimes adding a pause and hold after inhalation, sometimes with a hold after exhalation sometimes with both, as in Supta Viloma/Reclining Interrupted Breathing Cycle

3)      Another variation is alternating inhalation through one nostril and exhalation through the other developing a flow and a cycle through the body. Aniloma Viloma, Alternate Nostril Breathing

4)      Another still, called Kapalabhati, or Frontal Brain Cleansing Breath,   uses forceful expulsion.

Under the guidance of expert instruction, these breathing exercises help develop an understanding and connection of body and mind. This state of mind is powerful and allows you to control emotions and desires.

At first you may not notice any difference from normal breathing other than the timing and rhythm,   there may be no evidence of success or advancement but with practice and persistence you will become more centered, have more energy, be more focused in mind body and soul.

If we can control our breath naturally we can control our mind and if we can control our mind we can control our desires.

The next time you see a Pranayama lesson being offered take the time and look forward to getting in touch with your body. With the guidance of expert instruction, some patience and practice, 15 minutes of breathing can make a wonderful impact not only on your day but on your life.

Yogasync Me!  3 lessons in Pranayama for Beginners:

Yoga Breathing



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