How to Create Your Perfect Yoga Class at Home


Finding the perfect yoga class: Create it yourself!

Finding the perfect yoga class sounds like a daunting task. You might like a specific teacher but you can’t make it to class when she is teaching. Or maybe you like the teacher but don’t always dig the discipline of yoga he does. By no means should you skip going to class; a far-better approach is to treat that class as just one part of your practice and to create your own yoga sequences at home.

As an experienced yoga teacher who teaches many classes, I give the same advice to students that any yoga teacher would give: Yoga is about you. You aren’t trying to imitate the student next to you or compete to make a prettier tree pose; you should be taking your focus inward and focusing on your body. If you like a pose in class, indeed, do try it at home!

Create your own sequences of poses: YOU know when poses feel good!

Try lots of poses at home. The way you do important, basic poses like triangle and warrior at home will be different because you are in a different environment. You feel less self-conscious in your home om-zone, so the challenge is to use the comfort you feel to help you make the poses feel more natural. As you try lots of different poses, you can begin to sequence them together to create your own sadhana, the Sanskrit term that means your regular yoga practice.

“Modify This!” The perfect tool for creating your sequences lets you play video instructions of poses and provides sequences of poses for different areas of focus, such as tight hips, for example. Of course, you may only like part of a prescribed sequence and maybe you’ve discovered your own practice calls for more poses to be added, removed, or maybe rearranged for better effect.

The “Modify This” button lets you do just that. You can rearrange a sequence and customize it for your own yoga practice and reference it repeatedly once you have a subscription. Sequences and poses are narrated by certified instructors and demonstrated by a qualified model.

A pose should be comfortable, in every way

If you dread doing a pose in class because you’re not proficient, or because you’re scared, you’re in good company. The easy solution: practice it at home with’ll see and hear instructions so you’ll feel enough reality like you feel in class, but in the comfort and safety of your home.

A pose should always be physically comfortable as well

The Sanskrit mantra “Shtira Sukham Asanam” from the Yoga Sutras of Pantanjali literally says the pose should be steady and comfortable. Don’t force the pose until it hurts-go into it and let yourself feel challenged but also make sure you still feel safe and in control.

Make yoga yours

Remember that, no matter where you are doing yoga, it is about you. No two people do a pose exactly alike. Even if two people appear to be doing a pose the same way their bodies and minds are their own and they will see and feel the pose in their own way. Your own practice of yoga ceases to benefit you when you try to please others with your poses or when you stop listening to your own body and mind.

Yogasync me! Still not sure how to create the perfect yoga class? Try one of our general focus, pre-made syncs to help inspire you to make your own!

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