How to Budget and Stay as Natural as Possible


Modern people are continuously bombarded with advertising messages enticing us to buy products in plastic bottles that will purportedly enhance our lives.

Millions of dollars are spent convincing us that we can be better – less smelly, shinier, glossier, wrinkle-free, and we spend and spend, consume, consume and throw away the packaging.

Stop! There is a better way!

About 10-years ago fiscal drag forced me to drastically limit the amount of money I spent on groceries.  All my resources were suddenly aimed at buying food and cleaning products and cosmetics suddenly became unaffordable luxuries.

Thankfully I discovered baking soda as a gentle replacement for just about everything in the supermarket cleaning products and beauty aisles.

I began to see day-to-day tasks around the home in a different light and rather than purchase a myriad of heavily advertised manufactured, chemically based products in plastic bottles as solutions to my problems, I turned to the underrated and enormously effective powers of baking soda (and its equally helpful ally white vinegar).

Learning about the uses for these inexpensive, readily available and environmentally innocuous ingredients has enabled me to get the job done, while saving money, avoiding exposure to harmful unknown chemicals and lessen my environmental impact by reducing my reliance on plastic bottles and packaging.

Sustainably aware communities are looking for solutions to minimize their environmental impact, lessen the pressure on the landfill and to avoid contributing to detrimental environmental effects such as ocean gyre plastic.

Problems like the ‘Great Pacific Garbage Patch’ seem insurmountable and individually we may feel immediately defeated. But a few easy changes at home in regards to the advertising we succumb to and the products we choose to buy can begin to make a difference.

In my case a limited grocery budget lead me to ask a question before I bought anything.  Could I make it myself? In most cases the answer was a surprising yes and many of the ingredients were already on the shelf at home or available naturally in the garden. Suddenly I found myself washing my hair with eggs or baking soda, conditioning with lemon juice or white vinegar all with healthy and satisfying results.  I no longer rely on the supermarket for my laundry and bathroom needs and over time have developed an aversion to the heavily fragranced and expensive chemicals lurking on the shelves disguised as luxury beauty products.

The changes did not happen overnight but they did happen and you can do it too. Your bank balance and the planet will love you for it.

 Yogasync Me!  Balance yourself to enhance inner harmony with yourself our planet.

 Balance and Focus

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Author of the bestselling book Pig Tits and Parsley Sauce, Lyn Webster, has a popular web site and Facebook page. Lyn and her family are living examples of how a thoughtful approach to the weekly grocery spend brings advantages in environmental sustainability and health far beyond the purse strings. How you can foil the marketing machine by getting the job done and feeding the family - done cheaply, healthfully and simply. Visit Lyn's site and fb pages buy the book here

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