Genetic Roulette – Is There Poison on YOUR Plate?


Our country has been bought out by the biggest corporations in the world…and other countries are next unless they are able to resist and stand on their own. 


I recently interviewed a health food activist in the US, here we will call them G.  I’d seen a lot of documentaries and Facebook posts about the state of American food – GMO’s, pesticides, Monsanto…and their suspected contribution to leaky gut, IBS, nutrient deficiencies, auto immune diseases, cancers and even autism and ADD.  Its of concern to me as I work with women with IBS symptoms, menstrual pain, trouble conceiving and mood.  Inflammation from the gut can cause systemic inflammation, contributing to memory loss, brain fog, disruption to the endocrine (hormone) system and sub-fertility.   Learn more about the GMO  topic here:

  •  Or go straight to the bottom of this article to view the film Genetic Roulette which is an easy to watch eye-opening documentary on the subject.

Question to G: I cannot believe what can happen in US regarding unlabeled GMO’S!  Are they now labelled in California?

Answer: The commercial food supply is horrendous over here, though in many “developing” countries it is fast becoming worse.  I think since so many Americans watch TV like it is gospel, and spend hours everyday in front of it, they cannot think straight.  They are not used to questioning things, and seeing their inherent complexity, because it is a passive way to “learn” and it trains people to think in overly linear terms, like “good” or “bad”.  Not thinking deeper (on one’s own time of course) defaults people to take the instant gratification route, which also happens to be the channel which stimulates people to buy and consume unnecessary material junk, through their advertisements. 

Monsanto helped fund the opposition to labeling GMOs, out-funding by a factor of about 10 times, and subsequently convincing TV-watching “unthinkers” to mindlessly vote against the labeling.  Yes it is sad.  Only the small state of Vermont passed a labeling law.  Where I am at however there are many small organic farms, so it is easy for me to eat well and never donate to (purchase) a Monsanto-contaminated product.

My Question to YOU:  Do you know what the GMO labeling laws are in your country?  Are you innocently eating GMO foods in imported products or restaurants?

Japan, Canada, US, Australia and New Zealand have all approved Monsanto GMO Corn which can turn up in high fructose corn syrup, corn starch, and corn flour. Such products are processed into breakfast cereals, baking products, extruded confectionery and corn chips.  ‘Authorities’ will cite one Monsanto study that exposed rats to Monsanto GMO corn for 90 days, and showed it to be safe.  Is this study even relevant?  How many of you only eat a particular dietary staple for 90 days?  What happens in the long-term?  Another rat study by Serlani et al 2014 independently replicated the same study as done by Monsanto, but for two years – more relevant to our own consumption habits, but still not as long-term as in ‘real’ life.  The rats showed kidney and liver damage, mammary (breast) tumors, a higher death rate, earlier death and more.  If you want to learn more about the kind of obstacles independent researchers are up against, then follow this link to see what happened to Serlani et al.

In Australia and New Zealand the foods must be labelled ‘genetically modified’ but there are glaring exceptions where you can get caught out.  

If you’re still not sure why you would want to avoid GMO’s, then watch the ‘Genetic Roulette’ video posted below.

Are you now feeling like you need a little inspiration to eat GMO free?  Its pretty simple really.

  • Get on google and do 15 minutes of research about GMO labeling laws in your country.  Post in the comments so others can share the information you find.  Do your best to use official food safety sites, and not just here-say from more blog posts!  Check references if they are included.

  • If you have labeling in your country/state then start checking products and phasing out the ones with known or suspected GMOs

  • Be aware that animals you eat could be fed GMO grains and you are being handed down the toxicity

  • Seek out organic restaurants and don’t be shy to ask the Owner and Chef what hey know about their food sources – after all, they love talking about food!

  • Start shopping at Farmers Markets – also great sources of information and recipes!

  • Seek out a local GMO expert, attend community environmental and sustainability talks/groups.  Their members often have a very keen interest and love to share what they know.

  • Grow backyard vegetables, plant a fruit tree or get involved in community gardens and allotments.  Local environmental groups and councils are great starting places to put you in touch

  • Ask you Grandma and Grandpa how they got their veggies!  No doubt they grew them!  No living older folks?  I bet there are plenty living locally that would love to help you start a garden and would really value your company as well.

  • A Health Coach, Nutritionist or Naturopath trained in Integrative Nutrition or similar are well worth the cost to help you detoxify your families bodies and save your health for a happy future.

In Organic We Trust – Trailer 2013 from Pasture Pictures on Vimeo.


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