Fall in Love With Your Body Through Yoga


Most of us are not much in love with our bodies. In fact, most people you will come across, including you and me, are far away from loving their own body or some part of it. You will hear people saying, “I wish I were thinner,” “I wish my legs were slimmer like her,” “Wish I could lose some more fat so that I could try that dress.” And this list of “I wish…” can go really long and varied.

So the bottom line is that most of us are not very happy about how our body is. We tend to feel uncomfortable in our own skin. When we start doing yoga for the very first time, we bring this being-uncomfortable-about-our-body issue with us. More so, when we see the toned bodies of the advanced yoga practitioners, we feel more ashamed, more frustrated about ourselves. We rush to yoga thinking it will help us to quickly transform into a diva overnight, which is anything but true.

But what if you could discover a way that would have changed this body-hating or body-cursing into body-loving? If I say that yoga is that secret potion then it will be a slight distortion of the truth.

But I would say, yoga, when practiced with a conscious knowledge of its power to change your perception about yourself and your body, can bring an unimaginable transformation into your life. Eager to know how?

1. Change in intrapersonal communication:

Practicing yoga makes us aware of how we talk to our own self. So if we are harshly criticizing our body or judging how we look, our mind will instantly know about this without any distraction or self-deception. That’s the very first baby step one needs to take in order to achieve that goal of body-loving.

2. End of entertaining negative thoughts:

The more you will keep feeding such body-hating thoughts, the more you will fall prey to that particular part of your psyche that whispers “you are no way perfect.” So, you have to stop feeding such thoughts. You can only do this when your mind is completely focused and in sync with your body. That’s possible only when you do yoga regularly.

3. You learn to appreciate your body:

Yes, yoga creates a self-awareness that opens up you in its full potential to yourself. You realize how amazing a person you are and how amazing a body the Mother Nature has gifted you. Now, you are proud of your body and you know that the market has no power or right to define words like ‘beauty’ or ‘perfect body’ or anything for you; That you are beautiful in your way; That you have no comparison with anybody on this earth.

4. You become aware of your body’s potential:

So you can do a handstand better than that lady in the ad, you can perfectly do that back arc or that tree pose. Your body is now truly flexible and perfectly agile. And now you wonder whether those paper-thin cover girls can ever do what your body can do!

Thus, you start to fall in love with your body. You have learned to appreciate the true beauty of your body which is beyond all those calculations of inches, pounds and centimeters. That is the beauty of Yoga.

Yogasync me! Learn how to love your body with this full-length sequence ends with a guided meditation that will help you gain a deeper appreciation of your body:

Yoga to Honor Your Physical Self

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